Ohio NENA Chapter Meeting

August 3, 2005

Signature Inn, Columbus


The August 3, 2005 Ohio NENA Chapter meeting was called to order by vice president Wanda Steiner. The pledge of allegiance was recited by the membership present.


A presentation was give by Dick White of Plant Equipment, Inc. The presentation was on software and services that are available from Plant Equipment. You can reach Mr. White at his office at 317-881-2911 or his cell phone at 317-919-3911.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Discussion on minutes from previous meeting with no additions or corrections noted. Motion to accept minutes: Kim Brandt; 2nd: Mel Meloy. Motion passed.


TREASURER REPORT: By Val DeRose: Checking balance is $731.10; Savings account balance is $5,342.89. (Note: $1,678.50 of this balance is from National NENA for membership fees). Total available balance is: $6,073.99 Motion to approve: Ron Bien 2nd: Brad Brubaker; Motion passed.


NATIONAL CONFERENCE REPORT: Roger Hixson: Roger advised the conference was very good and there was lots of good feedback. The 2006 national NENA Conference will be held in Pittsburgh, PA.  Roger also gave update on “Washington Goes to 9-1-1" program. This is intended to get legislators to visit their local 9-1-1 centers. Roger encourages everyone to support this program. Roger also stated that the next ENP exam will be held in PA on September 21st.




DISTRICT 1: Kim Brandt: Kim gave a report on a VoIP incident that she dealt with in Van Wert County.


DISTRICT 2: Bob Emmons: Bob stated that Geauga County is instituting pictometry later this year; Trumbull County is struggling due to a flood last year and has suffered several layoffs and cutbacks; Columbiana County is planning to go live 9-1-1 by the end of this year.


DISTRICT 3: Ron Bien: Hamilton County also has pictometry.


DISTRICT 4:  No report




Legislative Report by: Ken Borror: Report on the status of Senate Bill 9.


Conference committee report by Mel Meloy: Report on 2005 conference and update on 2007 conference.


Gold Star committee report: by Mel Meloy: 2006 Gold Star will be a stand alone event and will be held April 11th, 2006 at the Marriott Inn. Gold Star nominations for 2005 are being accepted and mailers are out. Nominations can also be made from the Ohio NENA or Ohio APCO web sites.




State 9-1-1 Coordinator Report: Shawn Smith reported that they have tentative amounts that will be coming to each county from the wireless funding bill. The wireless phone companies started collecting $.32 on each Ohio cell phone bill on August 1st.  Shawn also discussed amending of the county 9-1-1 plans.    Shawn stated that he has lists available of all the wireless companies that are operating in each county. Shawn is working to get a web site established for his office. Shawn Smith can be reached at his office at 614-644-8950. Shawn is awaiting the establishment of the advisory council by the governor’s office. The nominations for the council have been submitted. Shawn gave a brief explanation of the process for updating a county 9-1-1 plan.




*Val DeRose gave explanation of the process for election of officers. Three offices are open-secretary, district 1 representative and district 3 representative. Only one nomination was received for secretary being Kim Brandt. Valerie called for any motions for secretary from the floor. None made, MOTION to close nominations for secretary by Brad Brubaker; 2nd by Jay Somerville. Motion PASSED.


*Val asked for the counties represented by District 1 representative. Bob Emmons read the list of counties. Val advised that anyone can nominate for the district representative but only members of the district can vote. Currently there are two nominations for District 1 representative: Brad Brubaker (Putnam County) and Leanne Johnson (Henry County). Val asked for nominations from the floor. There were no nominations for district 1 representative from the floor. MOTION to close nominations by Jay Somerville; 2nd by Holly Wayt. Motion PASSED. A ballot will be distributed to vote on district 1 representative.


*Val asked for the counties represented by District 3 representative. Bob Emmons read the list of counties. There is 1 nomination for district 3 representative being Ron Bien. Val asked for nominations from the floor. There being none there was a  MOTION by Jay Somerville to close the nominations; 2nd by Mel Meloy. Motion PASSED.


*Ballots were passed out to vote on the district one representative. After counting ballots Brad Brubaker of Putnam County was announced as the new District 1 representative. A MOTION to destroy the ballots was made by Jay Somerville; 2nd by Wanda Steiner. Motion PASSED. The new officers will be sworn in at the next meeting. 





Cliff Ballard, Area Manager of the SBC 9-1-1 Resolution Center gave a short presentation. Mr. Ballard discussed the reporting rules for FCC and also discussed the re-routing of 9-1-1 calls during outages. Mr.Ballard gave some very good information regarding the loss of ALI information during an outage. The resolution center monitors 9-1-1 circuits and trunks and can re-route calls in very short time frame. There was good discussion among the membership following the presentation regarding the re-routing of 9-1-1 calls.




None brought forward.


Next meeting will be held November 2nd, 2005 at 10AM at the Signature Inn.


Lunch today will be provided by Plant Equipment, Inc. (THANK YOU!)


After lunch Roger Hixson will do a presentation on wireless implementation and discuss some information provided by NENA.


Door prizes today were provided by DDTI, Sprint, Anne Barr (Union County S.O.)



Motion to adjourn: Kim Brandt; 2nd: Mel Meloy