Mr. Jay Somerville, President Ohio Chapter of APCO,

Technical Services Bureau Commander,

City of Dublin Police Communications               


Honor America                                                                                                                              

National Anthem – Mr. Mel Meloy, Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office


Introduction of Keynote Speaker

Mr. William Hinkle, Director, Hamilton County Communications Center


Keynote Speaker

State Representative Larry L. Flowers, Franklin County





Dublin Police Chaplain Steve Norden                                                               

     New Hope Church in Powell, Ohio




Sponsor Recognition                                                                                    

Mr. Greg Wenz, Chair - Ohio Gold Star Awards Program,

     Operation Director—Hamilton County Communications Center


Award Presentations—

Mr. Jay Somerville, Emcee


     Gold Star Certificates

     Double Gold Awards - Dispatch Teams

     Solid Gold Awards

     2005 Ohio Telecommunicator of the Year Award



Chaplain Steve Norden


“God Bless America” Mr. Mel Meloy, Communications Supervisor Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office




Seated at the Head Table:  Chaplin Steve Norden, Kim Brandt, Jay Somerville, Representative Larry Flowers, William Hinkle, Greg Wenz




            We welcome you to the 2005 Gold Star Awards Program.  It is with great pleasure that the Ohio Chapters of APCO and NENA welcome the recipients of the Gold Star Awards and their guests.  We are extremely proud of each nominee and the work they do every single day.  Making a selection of this type is very difficult since all the telecommunicators in the State do an outstanding job.  Every telecommunicator has handled calls during the year that would be award winning.  Additionally, the service they provide to the public on a daily basis makes everyone in the State of Ohio a winner.

              We extend special thanks to the 2005 Gold Star Awards Committee who has worked hard to prepare for today’s event.  They have devoted much time and energy to make this special recognition a success.  We thank the supervisors and administrators for all the superb nominations that they offered.

              We also want to acknowledge the corporate sponsors for their generous financial support of the Gold Star Program, as well as for their continuous support for NENA and APCO.

              To all the nominees, on behalf of NENA and APCO, we offer our sincere congratulations, appreciation, and thanks for jobs well done.



Jay Somerville                  Monte Diegel                                                               

Jay Somerville                      Monte Diegel            

President,                               President,

          Ohio Chapter APCO          Ohio Chapter NENA




Ohio NENA Board                                                                                                           



Monte Diegel, Mercer County Sheriff’s Office Central Dispatch


Vice President

Kim Brandt, Van Wert County 9-1-1



Rose Chambers, Wood County Sheriff’s Office



Valerie DeRose, Summit County Emergency Management



Ohio Chapter of APCO, Executive Board                                                



Jay Somerville, Dublin Division of Police


1st Vice President                                                                                    

Holly E. Wayt, City of Westerville Communications


2nd Vice President

Matt Franke, City of Oxford Police



Danielle J. Klavinger, Lucas County Emergency Services


Executive Council Representative

Lynne Feller, Wayne County Justice Center




The Gold Star Awards committee would like to thank the following

people for their support and participation in the program.

State Representative Larry Flowers

Chaplain Steve Norden

Mr. Mel Meloy

Public Safety Training Consultants


The Gold Star Selection Committee

Ms. Carol Armitage

Ms. Holly Wayt

Mr. Monte Diegle

Mr. Jay Somerville




Ohio’s Gold Star Award Program for



The Ohio Chapters of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials, International (APCO) have worked together to recognize the outstanding work performed by public-safety communications personnel in Ohio.  Several years ago both Chapters saw a critical need for some positive recognition and acknowledgement of the fine work that is performed by these communications professionals.   Our goal was to publicly express appreciation, and to recognize both outstanding individual and team performance and consistent, steadfast leadership.  Both of the Chapters are proud to present The Ohio 9-1-1 Gold Star Awards program.  Because Telecommunicators work in the background, behind the lights, sirens and cameras, they are sometimes forgotten.  APCO and NENA have worked in concert to promote and recognize outstanding performance in the dispatch centers around Ohio.  Thank you for joining us today to show your appreciation for these dedicated and hard working individuals.




The Gold Star Award Committee




2005 Gold Star Certificates



Highway Patrol Dispatcher Melissa Baldwin

Ohio State Highway Patrol – West Jefferson Post


Communications Officer Joanne Barton

Defiance County Communications Center


911 Dispatcher Dawn Burns

City of Fairfield Police Department


Dispatcher Charlotte Cooper

Delaware Police Department


Communications Technician Dawn Cunningham

Lancaster Police Department


Emergency Operator Carmen Day

City of Dayton Police Department


Dispatcher Anne Duncan

City of Mentor


Dispatcher J. Barbara Harper

City of Cleveland, Division of Police Communications


Fire and EMS Dispatcher Patricia Hemmerick

Dayton Fire Department


Highway Patrol Dispatcher Pamela Hershberger

Ohio State Highway Patrol – Marion Post


Highway Patrol Dispatcher Pamela Kelly

Ohio State Highway Patrol – Xenia Post


Dispatcher Dan Kissling

Oregon Police Department


Highway Patrol Dispatcher Rhonda Macarthy

Ohio State Highway Patrol, Berea Post


Highway Patrol Dispatcher Brent Sigler

Ohio State Highway Patrol – Bucyrus Post





2005 Double Gold Awards


Team Award Winner


Lorain County 9-1-1


9-1-1 Dispatcher Donna Chopcinski

9-1-1 Dispatcher Melody Leisure

9-1-1 Dispatcher Kurt Scholl


For outstanding performance on July 16, 2005 during severe flooding in Lorain County.  Three and one half inches of rain fell in one 30 minute period, resulting in hundreds of calls for help, people trapped in vehicles and twelve feet of water covered parts of the County.    





Cleveland Police Department, Communications


Dispatcher Diane Eck

 Dispatcher Tracey Chipgus 



Dublin Police Communications


Communications Technician Carolyn Fergus

Communications Technician Ben Karns



Ohio State Highway Patrol – Ravenna Post


Highway Patrol Dispatcher Heather Turner

Highway Patrol Dispatcher Blaine Decker



Ohio State Highway Patrol – Toledo Post


Highway Patrol Dispatcher Brian Gettinger

Highway Patrol Dispatcher James Barlow

Highway Patrol Dispatcher Jennifer Sabin




Ohio State Highway Patrol – Walbridge


Highway Patrol Dispatcher Barbara Welsh

Highway Patrol Dispatcher Shirley Knitz 

Highway Patrol Dispatcher Cheryl Babione 




Toledo Police 9-1-1


Communications Operator Moneick Alford

Communications Operator Angel Berente

Sergeant Deonn Bortel

Communications Operator Mary Lou Castilleja

Sergeant Phil Cook

Communications Operator Lucinda Craig

Communications Operator Deb Davidson

Communications Operator Teri Ellis

Communications Operator Chris Evans

Communications Operator Dawn Gaston

Communications Operator Christine Griffin

Communications Operator Eileen Herrick

Communications Operator Haylee Kaiser

Communications Operator Stephanie Lanoce

Communications Operator Tracy Lembke

Communications Operator Becki Niemiec

Communications Operator Jennifer Overcashier

Communications Operator Marsha Perry

Communications Operator Judy Plunkett

Communications Operator Dena Rieger

Communications Operator Janie Stiles

Communications Operator Diana Trevino





2005 Solid Gold Award





Highway Patrol Dispatcher Heather Turner

Ohio State Highway Patrol – Ravenna Post


For excellence during a bizarre series of events that involved numerous shots fired at police, kidnapping, a burglary, assaults and three homicides, on January 21, 2005.






Dispatcher Teresa Clark

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office


Dispatcher Kimberlee Dalton

Ontario Police Department


Toledo Police 9-1-1 Operator Teri Ellis

Toledo Police 9-1-1


Lead Dispatcher Dawn Ellis-Whittemore

Xenia/Green Central Communications Center


Dispatcher Shannon Forrider

Athens County Emergency Communications


Communications Operator Vanessa Haley

Clark County Sheriff’s Office


Highway Patrol Dispatcher Adam Quinn

Ohio State Highway Patrol – Delaware Post


Communications Deputy Wendy Ritterbach

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office


Communications Officer Rod Smith

Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office


Dispatcher Carolyn Sowell

Joint Fire Dispatch Center


Dispatcher Rick Spoor

Van Wert Police Department


Emergency Operator Stephanie Thoma


Dispatcher Jaclyn Tryon

Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office





Gold Star Awards Supporting Sponsors

The Gold Star Committee is extremely grateful to these companies for their sponsorship of the Ohio Gold Star Awards Program.  Their     generosity allows the recognition of our Ohio heroes. Thank you very much.



Nonspecific contribution                                                                                            



Nonspecific contribution



Nonspecific contribution




Nominee’s shirts





       The following vendors also provided items for the nominees:





Public Safety Training Consultants





Today’s Lunch Includes:

Garden Salad and Rolls                                                                                          

Peppercorn Crusted Sirloin Medallions

Green Beans Almandine

Oven Roasted Red Skin Potatoes

New York Cheese Cake


Belgian Chocolate Mousse