August 6, 2003

Chapter Meeting Minutes

Pledge of Allegiance

The Chapter meeting was held at the Signature Inn, Westerville, OH.  President Meloy opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 1000.  

Opening of meeting

President Meloy reminded all attendees to sign in and purchase raffle tickets for prizes donated by Van Wert County.  Pick up an agenda and a pin picked up at the Denver Conference.  Thanked Michael Warren, Emergitech for the lunch they are providing after the meeting.


President Meloy had 2 speakers lined up for meeting, however, they both canceled prior to the meeting.  Terry Peters, National Office was supposed to be at the meeting but couldn't make it, he apologizes.  Therefore, John Melcher, past national president presented the video NENA Goes to Washington.  This video gives a little background on what is transpiring on the national level.   There is 2 handouts,  one on the Congressional E9-1-1 Caucus and how it establishes the E9-1-1 Institute and the other one is the E-9-1-1 Implementation Act of 2003.

Approval of the Minutes

President Meloy asked if there was anyone that is not getting the minutes, Ken Borror did not receive a copy.  Also President Meloy asked if anyone would prefer to get the minutes by e-mail to sign up with Wanda Steiner.  President Meloy asked if there were any additions or corrections to the meeting.  He advised there was one correction, a treasurer's report was made available at the August meeting.  Motion to approve, Paul Emch approved, second by Holly Wayt.  Opportunity for  discussion, votes taken and motion passed.

Treasurer's Report

President Meloy states there was no treasurer's report available for this meeting.  There was a change on the account, Valerie De Rose switched our accounts to Bank One, as we were being charged $13.00 a month, now we will not be being charged a monthly fee. 

National Update

Miscellaneous - President Meloy stated that Ron Bonneau sent a letter thanking each chapter to public thank Bob Currier for running a positive campaign for North Central Vice President.  Past election 900 votes were cast, which was approximately 60% of eligible voters.  This is an excellent percentage and reflects the quality of the region.  President Meloy also thanked Bob Currier and announced that Ron Bonneau did win the election.  Each regional Vice President is suppose to try and attend one meeting at each state chapter, as well as attends regional conferences if available to. 

National Update Continued

TDC/ODC  - President Meloy announced the TDC/ODC conference is scheduled for March 14-17, 2004 in Orlando.  It will be a working conference.  This will be the last time it will be at this location.  Anna Marie Batt advised this is a combined conference but separate meetings.  ODC stands for operational development conference and TDC stands for technical development conference.

2004 National Conference  Tampa Florida  June 13-17, 2004 - President Meloy announced this conference would be at the Marriott Hotel.

Volunteers for National Committee's - President Meloy is looking for volunteers for subcommittees, Rick Jones, Director of Operations NENA.  Once you've completed the subcommittee's objective you are done, there is no specified length of term.  Looking for volunteers for railroad mile markers, limited speaking callers and a national wireless publication plan.  They are also working on a national standard on class of service for wireless calls.  If this interests anyone contact Mr. Jones at NENA.

Training Standards for Pre-Arrival Instructions - President Meloy advised NENA is trying to develop training standards for Pre-Arrival Instructions.  Training certifications and standards for pre-arrival instructions are their goals.  Rob Martin, NAED, is chairing this committee to look at obtaining these goals.  Check the NENA website for updates.

NAED Alliance -  President Meloy stated an alliance has been formed with NENA to utilize each organization's resources for the betterment of 9-1-1 and the deliver of that. 

APCO/NENA Alliance - President Meloy stated an alliance was formed between APCO and NENA to identify each other's goals to limit duplication of services and allow both organizations to work together on common goals. 

E911 Implementation Act of 2003 -President Meloy explained this handout.  It gives the highlights of the Act. Coordination of E-9-1-1 Implementation, amends the National Telecommunications Information Administration Organization Act.  There was an opportunity for discussion on the amendments. 

E911 Institute - President Meloy discussed this handout. This is something everyone can join, for more information, go to the NENA national website.  Supports the work of the congressional E-9-1-1 Caucus.  They have appointed Gregory Rohde as the Institutes Executive Director.  Feel free to sign up and be a part of this institute.

NENA National Office - President Meloy announced the NENA national office is up for sale.  It has been decided that the NENA National Office will be moving to Washington D.C. and leasing a building.  This will assist with the National office being closer to the "action".  The National office also feels this move will ease the financial burden due to travel to Washington D.C.  Anna Marie Batt  stated she and Roger Hixon would still be with the National office but working out of their homes.  Bill Hinkle discussed the importance of the National Office in Washington D.C. will be a benefit as a lot of time is spent there.  It will allow NENA to stay on the inside track being easily accessible to contacts we have in Washington D.C.   President Meloy stated the National office is going to be outsourcing some of the tasks, such as graphics.  More information coming in the NENA news.  President Meloy stated that the national booth will be shipped out to any chapter that needs/requests it.  NENA also has a report on Homeland Security, which included 9-1-1, the price tag that they came up with to bring all PSAP's up to wireless phase II is $10.6 billion.  Anna Batt also asked Bill Hinkle to bring everyone up to date on the SWAT round table meeting that was held in Washington D.C.  Bill Hinkle gave a summary of those activities.  President Meloy thanked Mr. Hinkle for all his participation and being able to bring information back to our chapter.

Ron Bien was asked to speak on NORAD.  Mr. Bien stated that back in November at the ODC in St. Louis, there was concern about PSAP's getting calls from someone on a plane stating they were hijacked.  NORAD has created a SOP that explains how they want the PSAP's contact them in the event a call of this nature is received.  This is strictly confidential information and should be treated as such. is the contact e-mail address to obtain this procedure.  Anna Marie Batt stated the following information would be required 1. PSAP contact information, 2. PSAP Name, 3. PSAP location, 4. an e-mail address 5. a 24 hour telephone number (manned).  This is a very high-level security issue.  Ron Bien explained that NORAD is the contact point that has the capability to scramble the jets if needed. A discussion followed.

Anna Marie Batt discussed the operational standards are going to be placed on the website.  She encourages everyone to review the information on wireless standards.  They welcome any replies back with comments, suggestions or input.  Your input will be forwarded to Rick Jones. 

Bill Hinkle had some concern about the APCO/NENA alliance as to the ability for both organizations to work towards the same goals.  He gave the following example.  In 1999, reference cost recovery from the carriers, NENA had taken a position that was just the opposite of APCO.  This resulted in APCO telling FCC that they were opposed to the carriers and NENA supporting the carriers on cost recovery.  He was concerned with the means in which each organization decided on the position they would take in this matter. A discussion followed.

District Reports

District 1 - Jackie Clark - Jackie Clark was not in attendance, Kim Brandt gave a report that Phase 1 was complete in Van Wert, District 1 was also affected by flooding.

District 2 - Valerie De Rose - Valerie De Rose was not in attendance, Wanda Steiner reported that Summit County was affected by the flooding, we had 2 flood fatalities and Valerie, who works with Summit County Emergency Management, has been very busy providing resources to the communities and getting everyone back on their feet.

District 3 - Ron Bien -Everybody still has 9-1-1, March 2004, the ODC is designed for PSAP's.  This is for the operational side of PSAP's.  He encourages everyone to attend as the participation one can add is very important.  This gives one a chance to bring up concerns and suggestions and hear others input also. 

District 4 - Bo Keck - Bo Keck was not in attendance as his mother-in-law passed away.  President Meloy stated that Columbiana County was in the process of getting up and running.  Rick Hagar, SBC, added that Columbiana is going for a surcharge and gave an update on Washington and Monroe Counties.  Mike Warren, Emergitech gave an update on Megs County, he states they have reformed a 9-1-1 Board and are starting to have discussions. 

Committee Reports

Web Site - President Meloy stated that the domain name is official, Mike Kusche, Westerville, is in the process of getting this website up and running.  The web site address is WWW.OHIONENA.ORG , it should be up soon.  Anna Marie Batt requested that the national office be notified when up and running so it can be linked to the National website.

Hero's Program - Greg Wenz not in attendance, Ron Bien reported that the first mailing has just gone out.    President Meloy announced the date will be April 14, 2004 at the Worthington Holiday Inn, this is a stand-alone luncheon.  April 10-13, 2005 is the tentative dates for the 2005 APCO/NENA conference.  Ken Borror commended Greg Wenz on the incredible job he does with this program. Excellent job Greg!

Legislative - Ken Borror discussed the task force has a meeting scheduled August 28, 2003 to address wireless issues.  Ken Borror and Bill Hinkle are meeting with Representative Meadhouse and will continue to keep everyone updated on any new information.  Both encourage everyone to show your support.  A discussion followed.

Special thanks to Ken Borror and Bill Hinkle for their continued efforts.

ENP - Mike Warren was appointed by the North Central Region to be on the ENP board.  Mr. Warren states the committee is finishing up a new study guide and the committee is working on new questions.  He has offered a mentoring assistance program to assist with getting more prepared for the test.  Don't wait too long however, as once he starts working on the new questions, he will not be able to offer this information.  If you are interested contact Mike at

He also discussed a point system that might be used to re-certify one as an ENP.  The next formal meeting will be next year.

Unfinished Business

SBC Tariffs - Pat Anderson, SBC, stated everything is at a standstill.  This tariff has been suspended but not eliminated.  President Meloy stated there is nothing new with Verizon .  Ron Bien stated the Cincinnati Teleco's are looking at contracts.

Laptop Purchase - Bo Keck was not in attendance, President Meloy advised any vendor or PSAP that has a spare laptop, and the Ohio Chapter of NENA would gladly accept the donation.  Still nothing done with this business.

Closing of Nominations - President Meloy stated there is an opening for the secretary position, district 1 and 3 trustee.  Asked if there were any nominations from the floor. No nominations, asked for motion to close nominations, Anna Marie Batt made the motion, Christine Bade 2nd the motion.  Vote taken, motion passed.  President Meloy advised ballots would be sent out to the members of the districts with an opening.  The ballots must be returned 14 days before November 5, 2004.  Everyone votes on secretary.

New Business

Ohio Scholarship to National Conference - President Meloy recommended that we as a chapter would offer a scholarship strictly to pay for registration.  Would like input on having an Ohio Scholarship Program.  Discuss followed*Paul Emch asked if this would be an annual program, President Meloy stated yes.  there were questions asked what criteria would be used to select this recipient.  It was discussed that a committee would be formed to generate a criteria list rather than a lottery.  Pat Anderson stated this was done in Michigan and it was given away as a door prize.  It was suggested that a vendor might be willing to work with NENA Ohio Chapter to assist with travel or lodging expenses.  Anyone interested, contact President Meloy.  President Meloy stated he was looking for volunteers to be on this committee*Wanda Steiner, Chris Bade and Paul Emch will start this committee. 

Good of the Organization

Wanda Steiner asked if anyone knew of a scholarship program for the ENP program.  Mike Warren stated there might be grants available.  This has been discussed with the committee.

Thank you note read from Holly Wayt.  Her father passed away in June.

President Meloy stated there was an Indiana dispatcher killed on her way to work, a fund has been set up by Kevin Willett to assist the children she left behind.

President Meloy announced a speaker from Ohio EMA discussing grant opportunities available to dispatch centers at our next meeting.  Bill Hinkle also discussed opportunities for money through safety foundation of America.  You can contact Mr. Hinkle for additional information about this website.

Bob Currier thanked the Ohio Chapter for all their support and the opportunity to run for the position of Regional Vice President.

Wanda Steiner would like anyone that is NOT getting your minutes via e-mail and would like to start receiving this information please see her to get your e-mail address corrected or added.  Anna Marie Batt reminded everyone that you should go on the NENA website and update your information as this too will help keep you informed.

2004 Meeting Dates

February 4, 2004

May 5, 2004

August 4, 2004

November 3, 2004

Motion for the meeting to be adjourned, Kim Brandt made the motion, Paul Emch 2nd the motion.  Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting

Board Meeting

November 4, 2003

7 p.m.

Signature Inn, Westerville, OH 

Chapter Meeting

November 5, 2003

10:00 a.m.

Signature Inn

6767 Schrock Hill Crt.

Westerville, OH  43081