Ohio NENA Chapter

Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2006



The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Jim Eggeman of Columbus PD.

Presentations by ATRIUS & Verizon Wireless.

Mel Meloy made a motion to accept the minutes as posted on the Web Site, 2nd by Greg Wenz, motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer Val DeRose: Checking Balance $329.86--Debits $150.00 Signature Inn, $475.00 NENA (President Conference Registration) $30.00 Bank Service Charge.  Credits $63.00 April Raffle, $400.00 transfer from savings for conference registration.  Savings Balance $6656.96..deposits interest to date $11.83 membership from National $1451.42 and debit of $400 for presidents conference registration---available balance $6986.32. Mel Meloy made a motion to accept, 2nd by Bo Keck, motion carried.

District Reports:

#1: Brad Brubaker-nothing to report.

#2: Bob Emmons-nothing to report.

#3: Ron Bien-nothing to report

#4: Bo Keck-Fairfield County is Phase 2. Monroe County has applied for wireless funding and should be up and running in 2007. Monroe & Meigs both have levies on the ballot.

Committee Reports:

Legislative Committee: Ken Borror advised that APCO & NENA have joined together and have formed a Joint Legislative Committee and have been meeting for a few months and are working VERY well together to: -get the sunset provision removed -PBX Bill -Training Standards They will meet again Wednesday November 15, 2006 at the AmeriSuites Worthington from 2-4.

Larry Fisher of Delaware County 9-1-1 and of the Ohio 9-1-1 Caucus wanted it on record that he and his group are working strongly to eliminate the Sunset Provision and they are VERY concerned for the Tariffs.

Conference Committee: Mel Meloy advised 9-1-1 Wave of the Future will be March 25-28, 2007 at Holiday Inn Worthington. Gordon Graham will be the Sunday Super Session Speaker.

Gold Star: Greg Wenz advised that Gold Star would take place March 28, 2007 at Noon at Holiday Inn Worthington.

Ohio 9-1-1 Coordinator: Shawn Smith advised that his report has went to the General Assembly; 9-1-1 Coordinators; 9-1-1 Council; Wireless Advisory Board and to the Press today.

TERT: Printed Report by Kelley Davidson Unfinished Business: Mel Meloy swore in Bo Keck as District 4 Representative. Ron Bien will be sworn in at the February Meeting.

President Diegel advised that at the Board Meeting on Tuesday October 31, 2006 they viewed a different facility, the Clarion Hotel & Suites Conference Center 900 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus, OH (614-888-7440). Mel Meloy found this bigger venue, and after viewing it the Board decided that they would entertain a motion that starting in January the Ohio Chapter of NENA would meet there. Kelley Davidson made a motion, 2nd by Serena Range, motion carried. President Diegel thanked Mel for all of his hard work in finding a bigger venue. Anyone wishing to make a reservation should mention Ohio NENA when they call to book their room.

New Business: None

Good of the Organization: Mike Banks advised anyone interested in being on the Training Committee should contact him at mpbanks@gmail.com <mailto:mpbanks@gmail.com>

Mel Meloy made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Holly Wayt, motion carried

Lunch provided by Verizon Wireless

Special thanks to all who donated Door Prizes.

Minutes Respectively Submitted,


Roseanna L. Chambers, Secretary Ohio NENA Chapter