February 11, 2009 Ohio NENA/APCO Chapter Meeting


NENA President Brandt & APCO 1st VP  opened the meeting.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Brad Brubaker.  Everyone in the room introduced themselves.


Mark Grady & Ken Selvig from IN DIGITAL gave a short presentation on Indiana’s statewide 9-1-1 plan.  A copy of this plan is available at www.in911.net or by viewing the 2008 legislative HB1204.


APCO 1st VP stressed the need for a task force to research the future of 9-1-1 in Ohio.  Passed around a sign in sheet for anyone interested in serving on a task force.  


Brad Brubaker, Putnam County made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes as they were posted on the NENA website.  2nd by Carol Armitage, Defiance County.  Motion carried.


Treasurer Report.  The report was also available on a handout in the back.  (Checking balance $1401.77, Savings $5699.02, Total available balance $7100.79),Bo Keck, Muskingum County made a motion to approve, 2nd by Carolyn Fergus, Dublin PD, motion carried.


National Office Update : None


District Reports:

1: Brad Brubaker : No report

2: Bob Emmons: Harrison County cut over to enhanced 9-1-1 on January 28,


3: Ron Bien: No report

4: Bo Keck: Monroe County almost up.  They are having some MSAG issues.  Will possibly be up this summer.   Meigs County has a good MSAG however they are having money issues.  Their CPE is installed looking at going live in June or July.    Mike Cullums was sworn in as the new District 4 representative.


Legislative Committee: Ken Borror

Reviewed the Sunset provision passing that was attached to Senate Bill 129.  Wireless funding was lowered to .28 and there will be a 5 PSAP limit per county.  Ken suggested we begin to educate the current and new legislators on the importance of this funding. 


State 9-1-1 Coordinator Shawn Smith advised that 8 counties are Phase 1 and 60 counties are phase 2.  All 88 counties have been approved for funding.  With the funding lowering to .28 each county is guaranteed $90,000 a year and with this change 53 counties will lose money. 


Training Committee: Anne Barr

No report. 


TERT Committee: Carolyn Fergus

No report


Gold Star Awards: Greg Wenz

Gold Star banquet set of noon on Wed March 25.  Keynote speaker will be Attorney General Richard Cordray.  49 nominations were received this year. Team winner is Westerville PD and the Telecommunicator of the year is Matthew Disher from City of Cincinnati Police. 


Conference Committee: Rose Chambers

Still need sponsorships for some items.  Please talk to your vendors and see if we can get their support.  You will need to make your reservations locally by calling the hotel direct and mentioning Ohio APCO/NENA.  Early registration ends March 1.  So far there are 38 registered for the conference. 


Motion to adjourn made by Ron Bein, Hamilton County  and 2nd by June Johnson, Xenia Greene Communications.  All in favor.


Next Meeting Date is May 13, 2009  



Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Anne J Barr, Ohio NENA Secretary