May 13, 2009 APCO/NENA Chapter Meeting

Pledge: led by Jim Eggeman Columbus PD

Secretary report: none

Treasurer Report: Checking 3269.91 savings 5699.70...Bo Keck made motion to accept, Mike Cullums 2nd, motion carried

NENA National update:  Dr. Bob Cobb

* Annual Conference June 8-11 Ft Worth TX - registrations are down compared to past conferences
* ENP Certification: 50 people in April.  Next is July/August, June is registration deadline
* Just launched Webinars...had 2 so far very successful
* NG partner program with 50 companies/organizations fee based membership
* NENA has entered a relationship with Counties of Southern IL regarding NG

State 9-1-1 Coordinator Shawn Smith---not in attendance

District Report

District 1-none-Brad Brubaker

District 2-none-Ron Bien

District 3-none-Bob Emmons

District 4-Mike Cullums advised that Monroe County Cut over June 1, Meigs County stalled for now with Verizon

Conference Committee:  Rose thanked everyone who was involved.  Currently looking at dates in 2011. Kim thanked Rose for all of her work and dedication.

Training Committee:  We have discussed venue change for November, nothing certain at this point

Gold Star:  1st mailer within the next week or so.  No location has been chosen for the stand alone luncheon yet for 2010.

TERT Committee:  no report

Good of the Order: Thanks to Sound Communications and Emergitech for displaying in the vendor area. 

Lunch Provided by Ohio APCO/NENA.

Sound Communications out of Grove City providing a free seminar on Digital Video Surveillance, June 25 @ Pinnacle Golf Course in Grove City. Free registration at

NENA will host NG Educational Session Sept 8 at the hotel.

Next Meeting September 9, 2009

Sue Williams made a motion to adjourn 2nd by Jay Sommerville. Motion Carried

Minutes Respectively Submitted

Rose Chambers, Vice President

Ohio NENA Chapter