Ohio NENA Chapter Meeting

May 5, 2004

Signature Inn, Columbus 

The May 5, 2004 Ohio NENA Chapter meeting was called to order by president Carol Armitage at 10:12AM. The pledge of allegiance was recited. 

A change in the order of the meeting agenda was made due to an award that was to be presented to Ken Borror. The award will be presented to Ken today when he arrives from testifying at 9-1-1 wireless legislation meeting. 

NATIONAL REPORT: Dr. Bob: It has been a very successful year for people attending NENA courses; Many chapters are saving money by purchasing courses for chapter members; Chapters can purchase a course package at a fixed rate and save money for their members; Dr. Bob gave a run down of the numerous courses that are available from NENA; Dr. Bob also asked about doing a course for the Ohio NENA/APCO state conference in 2005; ENP certifications are up by some 50%, would like to see more ENP’s from Ohio; The TDC/ODC was held in March and was attended by some 375 people. VOIP was the largest attendance; the national NENA conference will be held June 13th-17th, and conference registration has been extended; there will be numerous NENA classes available at the national conference; More ENP exams are scheduled for October. A good discussion was held regarding the ENP program and the possibility of holding an ENP exam following the November 3rd Ohio chapter meeting. Dr. Bob stated that a minimum of five persons is required for the ENP exam. Dr. Bob asked for a show of hands of those who would be interested in taking the ENP exam. After a show of hands Dr. Bob stated he would get an exam scheduled for November. There was also discussion of setting up a study group. 

GUEST SPEAKER: Jerry Klue of Cuyahoga Community College; Mr.Klue spoke about communications courses that are available at the college. Handouts were provided to all those present. 

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Carol stated that we have had trouble getting mailing labels and that the minutes will continue to be posted on the web site; Correction to previous minutes to correct the spelling of Ken Borror last name; Minutes of the February meeting were discussed. MOTION to accept minutes by Mel Meloy; 2nd by Paul Emch; Motion passed  

TREASURER REPORT: Valerie De Rose was absent and a treasurer report was handed out. Checking balance was $520.40;Service charge was $9.94; Saving balance was $3,960.96; Interest accrued for 2004 was $1.40; Deposit for 2004 was $1,054.00; MOTION to accept the treasurer report by Wanda Steiner; 2nd by Anna Marie Batt; Motion passed. 

SCHOLARSHIP UPDATE: Carol stated she had a regional conference call and that only 2 scholarship applications were received from the region.


DISTRICT 1: Kim Brandt was absent. Monte Diegel reported for Kim: Monte gave update advising that Van Wert County is receiving over $57,000 for a mapping project; Kim also wanted to congratulate dispatchers from district one of Mercer County Sheriff’s Office and Defiance County Communication who were the co-team award winners for the 2003 Ohio Gold Star. Monte gave details of the dispatcher in service day that was held in March in Mercer County. Over 160 dispatchers were in attendance. Plans are being made for a 2005 in service day. 

DISTRICT 2: Valerie DeRose was absent: Report given by Wanda Steiner; Wanda stated that Valerie is trying to get responses from agencies in district 2 via E mail; Wanda gave update on their dispatcher dinner that was held with approx 175 persons in attendance; Wanda advised that Cleveland Fire Dept. is now charging for fire runs. 

DISTRICT 3: Ron Bien: Ron discussed some of the problems on the horizon with VOIP. 

DISTRICT 4:  Bo Keck: Bo stated that hopefully Washington County will be going live in July; Monroe and Meigs counties have no 9-1-1 action at this time; No information regarding Noble County. 


Lynne Feller: Lynne gave an update regarding HB361. Things were moving along well with several members testifying on behalf of the wireless legislation; Sprint PCS testified expressing their "disinterest" in cost recovery for the telco; Several telco’s have now stated they don’t want to do cost recovery; Lynne also talked about federal 9-1-1 legislation; Lynne gave a good report on where HB361 stands at this time; SB211 has been introduced as a companion; 

Greg Wenz: Gold Star update: There were 54 total nominees; Co winners for the team award went to Defiance County and Mercer County; 2003 Ohio Telecommunicator of the year is Shaun Braden of Toledo PD; 151 persons attended the Gold Star lunch; Flyers for the 2004 Gold Star nomination will be out very soon. Sponsors are already in line for next year; A BIG THANK YOU to Greg Wenz for a GREAT JOB on the Gold Star program. 

Mel Meloy: 2005 state conference update: Mel stated there are plans in the works for a 4 hour pre conference class at no extra cost; $100.00 registration will include conference registration, pre class, exhibits and Gold Star lunch; Late registration will be $125.00; The conference will be extended by one day. 

Wireless Sub-Committee: No report. 

Scholarship Committee: Wanda Steiner: The committee is trying to get each Telco to donate $250.00 each to assist with transportation costs for the scholarship winner.


Ron Bien: Ron Stated plans are still in the works to put together a sample 9-1-1 plan update. The sample would be made available to all counties. 

Pat Anderson, SBC: No update at this time regarding tariff requests. Pat introduced Dick White who will be working with SBC; Northern Ohio will see a "567" area code soon. 

Ken Borror: Ken gave legislation update as it stands today. PUCO voted the bill out of committee today; Staffing has been removed from the legislation, but could be added back in for up to 10% of funding being used for staffing; Funding will be $.32 to the PSAP with 4% to PUCO for administration fees; Ken also discussed final plan amendments; A 4 year sunset clause is in the bill. 

Bill Hinkle: Bill presented Ken Borror with a NENA Lifetime Achievement Award. Bill stated "As past president of NENA and a member of the Ohio NENA Chapter, I have the personal privilege of presenting an award that acknowledges the outstanding contributions of one of Ohio’s most distinguished public safety communications officials."  Ken was nominated for the award by the executive board of the Ohio Chapter of NENA. Bill read the nomination letter that was submitted to national NENA for the Lifetime Achievement Award. The chapter gave Ken a standing ovation as Bill Hinkle presented Ken a plaque. CONGRATULATIONS KEN! on a well deserved award.           

Following the meeting everyone enjoyed lunch provided by SBC and cake provided for Ken Borror’s award. 

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned. Next meeting is August 4th, 2004.