Minutes May 9, 2012


10:45 – 11:45      Keith Kemmerline, Motorola Solutions:   Public Safety Broadband Presentation



The luncheon was sponsored by Sound Communications.  They are located in Grove City Ohio and more information on their company can be found at www.soundcommunications.com


Anne Barr, President of Ohio NENA and Mike Banks, President of Ohio APCO opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Captain Rob Jackson and Lydia Frey from the Ohio State Highway Patrol presented information on the Blue Alert program.  Recent legislation approved this notification program that kicks in when a Law Enforcement Officer is killed and the suspect is at large or a Law Enforcement Officer goes missing.  The existing Amber Alert network technology will be used for the Blue Alert system since they have the same audience.  There will be two phases to roll out this program.  Phase 1 will include an informational letter to be sent out to all Law Enforcement with instructions on using the Blue Alert system via OSHP and LEADS.  Phase 2 will include the use of the Attorney General’s Office through OHLEG.  The same phone line will be used to report a Blue Alert situation:  877 AMBER OH.

Secretary Report

Lin Malott indicated that the Ohio NENA Minutes from the February meeting are on the website and asked for a motion to approve them.  Rose Chambers, Wood County, motioned to accept and second by Pat Goldschmidt, Shelby County 

Treasurer Report

Valerie DeRose, NENA Treasurer, Summit County 911 submitted hard copies of the Treasurer Report.  Checking balance is $3,226.61 and Savings balance is $1,704.96.   Total available balance is $4,931.57.  Motion to approve by Rose Chambers, Wood County  and second by Kim Brandt, Van Wert County.

National NENA Update

Rose Chambers gave a National NENA Update.  NENA National Conference in Long Beach, CA are available on the NENA web site.  Dates are June 9 – 14th, 2012.



HB 509 Special Presentation by Jay Somerville

Jay’s presentation will be posted on the Ohio NENA/APCO web site.  The purpose of Jay’s presentation was to eliminate misinformation that is being circulated about HB509 and give members the ability to understand and re-communicate the facts locally.  Please take the time to review this material and reach out to Jay with any questions or concerns.  JSomerville@dublin.oh.us

Ohio NENA District Reports

Janet Boland reported that all 911 Coordinators listed on the web site from District 2 have been updated.

There were no other District updates.

TERT Committee (Telecommunicator Emergency Response Task Force)

Ken Stewart, North Central EMS, is the Chairperson of this committee.  He can be reached at kstewart22@yahoo.com or 419-499-2515.  More information on TERT can be found at www.njti-tert.org

Commercial Committee

Chris Zigo, Motorola Solutions, thanked Sound Communications for sponsoring lunch and gave an update.  Chris is working with all Commercial Committee vendors to gather feedback on how the Ohio Conference can be improved to garner more participation and more sponsorships.   

Conference Committee

The Kalahari in Sandusky will be the site of the 2013 Ohio NENA/APCO Conference, starting on April 14th.  Monte Diegel and Brad Brubaker are running a logo contest for the event.  The winner will receive one free registration.  The theme is “911 – It’s a Jungle Out There”.  Please submit suggestions for logos and ideas for training classes. 

Training Committee

Pat Goldschmidt, Shelby County, reported over 100 attendees at the April 10th class.  The next training is not scheduled until the conference.  A call for papers went out on both websites and the national web site for conference training.

Gold Star Award Committee

Alan Fish, City of Westerville thanked all who participated in the Gold Star Luncheon.  The luncheon went great, it was hard to pick from all the nominees.  He encouraged to nominations and said the committee will be more proactive at seeking nominations next year.  The 2013 Gold Star Luncheon will be on April 17th, 2013 and will be the closing ceremony of the State Conference. 

Good of the Order

Daryl Anderson of Ohio MARCS gave a presentation called Ohio MARCS:  The Next Generation.

Motion to Adjourn

Rose Chambers, Wood County  made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Janet Boland, Ashtabula County.

Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be held September 12, 2012.

Submitted by Lin Malott, DDTI, Ohio NENA Secretary.