Ohio NENA Chapter


FEBRUARY 7, 2007


The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Mark Collins of Emergitech. The meeting was held at the new location, Clarion Hotel & Conference Center 900 W. Dublin Granville Rd.

President Diegel welcomed all to the new location and for coming out in the inclement weather.

Lydia Wagner of OSP Communications introduced Vern Chevey of Ohio Homeland Security who spoke on the Law Enforcement Data Base which is connected the Ohio Fire Chiefs Association Emergency Response plan.

Mel Meloy made a motion to accept the minutes of the November meeting with no corrections, 2nd by Greg Wenz, motion carried.

Mel Meloy made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as per the hand out by Treasurer Valerie DeRose, Mike Banks 2nd, and motion carried.

(Checking Balance $599.55) Savings Balance $6174.27 total available $6773.82)

National Office Update:

Bob Currier, Roger Hixson & Bob Cobb:

·        NENA goes to WA March 12-14

·        National Conference Charlotte NC June 9-14

·        January Issue of ENP Magazine has a full report from Executive Board

·        NENA/APCO National Boards are now working very closely and it’s going VERY well

·        ENP Exam Period open April 7-21, 2007

District Reports:

District 1 Brad Brubaker Nothing to report.

District 2 Robert Emmons Not in Attendance

District 3 Ron Bien Nothing to report.

District 4 Bo Keck Coshocton is now Phase II; Meigs passed a levy and is starting the process and should be up and running within 2 years…with this, all counties in the state will have 9-1-1 service.

Committee Reports:

State 9-1-1 Coordinator—Shawn Smith: There are 60 counties now receiving wireless funds. 3 more are coming soon. Lynne Feller of Wayne County is the new Chair of the Wireless Board, and Bill Hinkle of Hamilton County has been retained as the Chair of the 9-1-1 Advisory Board. At the Advisory Board meeting, the amounts that counties are receiving were changed so that the smaller counties can get their equipment and upgrades. The floor was set at $90,000.00 with a cap of $2.3 million. There are new Surveys out and they should be back by March.

Legislative—Bill Hinkle & Ken Borror: The Wireless Advisory Board spoke to the 4 largest counties, they are foregoing massive $$ to help the whole state become phase 2 and we would like to thank them for that. They will be attending a meeting with Senator Flowers, CCAO, BSSA, and The Municipal League & Fire Chiefs Association regarding the sunset provision and getting it removed. The VOIP carriers are trying to give money and possibly put that into a statewide training fund.

Conference—Mel Meloy: The Ohio NENA/APCO Conference, Communications the Wave of the Future will be March 25-28, 2007 Holiday Inn Worthington. Registration information is on both the NENA & APCO websites. Sunday the 25th Super Session with Gordon Graham…Sunday night Luau, Monday Emergency Response Vehicle Display, Tuesday Vendor Show, Wednesday Gold Star luncheon.

Gold Star—Greg Wenz: There were 32 nominations. Team winner is Wood County, OSP Walbridge & Hancock for a March 2006 incident,

that started at BMV in Bowling Green a pursuit ensued and ended with a shoot out in Bluffton. Dispatcher award winner is OSP Columbus Dispatcher Sharon Collins who received a call of a male on a Grey Hound Bus with a gun. She tracked down the bus at its next stop and had officers there to arrest the subject. There were 6 teams totaling 16 people, 7 dispatcher’s and 9 Gold Star Certificates.

TERT—President Diegel advised that due to Personal and Professional constrictions Kelley Davidson resigned as the chairperson. Carolyn Fergus of Dublin PD has accepted the position and will be our new State of Ohio TERT Coordinator. Carolyn will be added to the national TERT coordinators list and Monte Diegel will also remain on the list as backup.

New Business: Daylight savings has been changed to March 11, 2007 please check your equipment.

Next meeting will be May 2, 2007.  

Thank you to Mark Collins and EmergiTech for sponsoring lunch.

Mel Meloy made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Mike Banks, motion carried.

Minutes Respectively Submitted,

Roseanna L. Chambers

Roseanna L. Chambers, Secretary

Ohio NENA Chapter