Ohio NENA Chapter

Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2006


The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Ohio APCO President Holly Wayt.


Rob Jackson and Lydia Wagner gave a presentation on "Ohio AMBER Alert".  Anyone interested in having them give a presentation to your agency contact them.


Mike Banks with the Ohio APCO/NENA Training Committee gave an update on what the Training Committee is working on and how they are trying to get support and ideas to get Senate Bill 9 re-instituted and have the training be MANDATORY! Anyone with questions ideas and or suggestions contact Mike Banks, Rose Chambers, Chris Burkhardt or Elissa Sessley. (All are NENA members and emails can be found on member listing section of the Ohio NENA website)


Minutes of the May Meeting were posted on the web site, Mel Meloy made a motion to accept the minutes. 2nd by Brad Brubaker, motion carried.


Due to the absence of Treasurer Valerie DeRose, there was no Treasurer's Report.


National Update:

Ron Bonneau of IL Chapter who had been the Regional VP for several years was elected 2nd Vice President at the NENA Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.  Bob Courrier of the MI Chapter was appointed Regional Vice President.  Bob gave the following information:


-ENP Exam will be on line in October

-2007 National Conference will be June 9-14 in Charlotte, NC

-March 12-14 NENA goes to Washington DC

-National TERT is moving forward there are 20 active states at this point

-Everyday Hero's..send info to the National Website

-September is National Preparedness Month...go to www.ready.gov


Officer Reports:

District 1-Brad advised that Putnam County and Van Wert County will be hosting High Risk and Being the Best October 2  & 3 respectively.  50% of District 1 have their 9-1-1 plans approved.  Recently Mercer County received their BSSA Communications Vehicle.  Hancock County got theirs last year and Lucas County will be receiving one soon.


District 2-Bob advised that Lake County was declared a Disaster Area, they received 12 inches of rain last week.


District 3-Ron had nothing to report.


District 4-Bo advised that Meigs County is the only county with no 9-1-1; Monroe is moving forward.  Several of their counties have had their 9-1-1 plans approved.  Guernsey County will also be receiving a BSSA Communications Vehicle.


Committee Reports:

Legislative: Bill Hinkle for Ken Borror

The non-traditional phone companies (ie: VOIP..Vonage) are willing to pay 9-1-1 wireless surcharge, however at this time the money cannot be taken, as their is no legislation at this time for them.  PBX bill is out.  Mandated Training (Statewide Training for dispatchers) needs to be addressed by both APCO & NENA and the Ohio 9-1-1 Council.  Removing the Sunset provision to the wireless bill and combining the VOIP surcharge and possibly the mandated Training could all be combined into one bill.


Conference: Mel Meloy

Combined NENA/APCO Conference will be March 25-28....There will be a Conference Committee Meeting September 20 at 2PM at the AmeriSuites, Worthington.  Theme is Communications-Wave of the Future.


Gold Star: Greg Wenz

A mailer did go out in May and one will go out in December.  March 28, 2006 @ noon at Holiday Inn Worthington...the luncheon will conclude the 2007 Conference.  Sponsorships are available and nominees are needed.


State 9-1-1 Coordinator:  Shawn Smith

Shawn introduced Sandra Coffee his new assistant.  After next week there will be 42 counties with approved plans.  To check on them or contact Shawn, puco.ohio.gov go to the links for the 9-1-1 Council click on publications  and go to allocation dispersement report. 


TERT:  Monte Diegel

Monte advised that he, Kelley Davidson & Holly Wayt met with the State EMA.  They have things in motion.  They will need further support from other Organizations ie: BSSA; Ohio Police Chiefs etc... Ohio is on the right track.  We may need an agency to gather and maintain a database.  Shawn Smith advised his office would be able to assist and possibly the Homeland Security database.


Unfinished Business:

District 2 & District 4 Trustees are up for election:

Bob Emmons & Bo Keck were nominated at the last meeting.  There were no other nominations from the floor.  Mel Meloy made a motion to close nominations, 2nd by Holly Wayt, motion carried.  They will be sworn in at the November Meeting.


Meeting Room:  Mel Meloy

Mel advised that the most comparable place he found was AmeriSuites Dublin @ Tuttle Crossing off of I-270.  The room rate is $300.00 but we have out grown this room.  President Diegel advised that we would meet November 1, 2006 @ 10AM at the Signature Inn...Soon to be Ramada Inn.  The Executive Board will meet at the AmeriSuites for the Board Meeting and give their recommendation at the next meeting.


New Business:  None brought forward.


Good of the Organization:  Angel Arocho is now the Vonage 9-1-1 Representative for Ohio, he took over for Chris Mizera.  85% of their subscribers are 9-1-1 deployed.


There is a new link on the website for training.  If you are hosting or having training send an email to Mike Kusche. 




Mel Meloy made a motion to adjourn 2nd by Holly Wayt.


Lunch provided by DDTI.


Minutes Respectively Submitted 


Roseanna L. Chambers, Secretary

Ohio NENA Chapter