Ohio NENA/APCO Chapter Meeting

November 14, 2007


President’s Diegel & Wayt opened the meeting; the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Deb Robinson.


President Diegel requested a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes from September, and accept them as posted on the Web Site. Pat Goldschmidt, Shelby County made the motion, 2nd by Mike Dolhancryk, motion carried.


Treasurer Valerie DeRose was unable to be in attendance,   the Treasurer’s Report was a hand out in the back. (Checking Balance $653.44 Savings $6073.19 total available balance $6726.63) Bo Keck made a motion to approve, 2nd by Greg Wenz, motion carried.


National Office Update:  Bob Currier:

~Membership Invoices are out and due back by March 31

~TDC/ODC-January in Nashville

~Resource Guide has been updated

~9-1-1 Goes to Washington—March

~National Conference—Tampa Bay in June

~New educational classes available

~ENP testing January-April-July & October

All of the above information is available on the website.

~National is working on getting a new Director that will be more like a CEO.

~NCMEC now has a seat on the Board of Directors


District Reports:

~1: Brad Brubaker advised that 7 counties joined forces and got a $14.3 million dollar Public Safety Interoperability Grant (Allen Auglaize, Hancock, Harden, Mercer, Putnam & Van Wert).  Union Counties 9-1-1 Levy passed.

~2: Bob Emmons—No Report

~3: Ron Bien—No Report

~4: Bo Keck advised Washington County, Gallia County, Pickaway and Muskingum are all Phase II.  Franklin County has 4 PSAPS up and Columbus is testing and scheduled to be up by the end of 2007. Muskingum will soon have pictometry. Monroe County passed a 9-1-1 tax and is in the process.


Legislative Committee:  Bill Hinkle

Legislative Committee Bill Hinkle: National Center for Missing

and Exploited Children has extended an offered to bring a one day

Training session to Columbus for call center managers regarding the best-practices guideline since Ohio is a model early adopter of the plan.

Bill gave an in-depth update on HB361 and Ken Borror’s proposed resolution to remove the sunset provision. Ken’s motion could not be voted on since it had not been submitted 14 days prior to the session however a working Committee was formed and will meet on December 6th at 1:00 p.m. The meeting is a working session so testimony will not be heard but is open for attendance by interested parties.

On December 12th, 9-1-1 Goes to Columbus…members of Ohio APCO and NENA are being asked to converge on the statehouse to rally support for the removal of the "sunset provision" that will end funding for Ohio PSAP’s at the end of 2008. It took over 8 years for Ohio to get the legislation that would create the funding mechanism to support the implementation of Wireless 9-1-1 location technology (Phase II). The bill currently provides funding for recurring and non-recurring costs to include the purchase of equipment necessary to implement location technology, for staffing, training, and maintenance of 9-1-1 services. The funds will disappear along with Ohio’s ability to sustain current services and fund emerging Next Gen 9-1-1 technology.  


Training Committee Mike Banks

Three free sessions have been scheduled so far with the 4th being held tomorrow (230 are registered). The committee is currently working on the 2008 schedule, which will include Wood County in March; assisting with Mercer County in April, and North East Ohio in May. Keep an eye on the Ohio Chapter website for more info.


TERT Committee: Deb Robinson

The Executive Committee has met and will be setting up a meeting with EMA soon.


Gold Star Awards: Greg Wenz

2008 will be the stand alone luncheon at the Crown Plaza.  Mailer will be going out within the next week.


Conference Committee:  Rose Chambers

2009 Conference is in the beginning stages…a new location is being looked at.  Anyone interested in being on the committee should contact an officer.  Anyone with ideas on a “theme” please contact Rose.  Today’s meeting was cancelled due to the important legislation meeting.


Nominating Committee:  President Diegel

President Diegel advised no other nominations were received, therefore the slate of Officers for 2008-2010 are Kim Brandt, Van Wert County President; Rose Chambers, Wood County Vice President; Anne Barr, Union County Secretary; Valerie De Rose, Summit County Treasurer; Brad Brubaker, Putnam County District 1 and Ron Bien Hamilton County District 3 (2007-2009 District Rep’s Bob Emmons, District 2 and Bo Keck Muskingum County District 3) They will be sworn in at the February meeting.


Pat Anderson & Rick Caldwell from AT & T discussed their migration to ALI Manager and “Outbound Emergency Notifications Data Services”.


Special Thanks to OSSI and Intergraph for sponsoring lunch.


2008 Meetings:  February 13, May 14, September 10 & November 12


Mike Dolhancryk made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Jim Leonard, motion carried.


50/50 won by Terry Hamilton in the amount of $62.50


Minutes Respectively Submitted:


Roseanna L. Chambers, Secretary


Roseanna L. Chambers, Secretary

Ohio NENA Chapter