Ohio NENA/APCO Chapter Meeting

November 18, 2009


NENA President Brandt & APCO President Matt Franke opened the meeting.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mike Banks, Wadsworth PD.  Everyone in the room introduced themselves.


Pat Goldschmidt, Shelby County made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes as they were posted on the NENA website.  2nd by June Johnson, Xenia/Greene County Communications.  Motion carried.


Rose Chambers presented a plaque to outgoing NENA President Kim Brandt thanking her for her service and the good of the order.


Treasurer Report.  The report was also available on a handout in the back.  (Checking balance $2203.66, Savings $5701.10, Total available balance $7904.76).


National Office Update: None


Swearing in of 2009/2010 incoming Ohio NENA Officers by Bo Keck, Muskingum County


President:  Rose Chambers, Wood County

Incoming VP Anne Barr was not present and will be sworn during the February meeting.

Treasurer Valerie DeRose was not present

Secretary Brian Fluegeman

District 1 Representative Brad Brubaker, Putnam County, not present

District 3 Representative June Johnson, Xenia/Greene County Communications


Corporate Advisory – Chris Zigo, Motorola

Chris thanked all vendors who attended the meeting.  All attending vendors stood up and were recognized.  Lunch was sponsored by Stephen Campbell & Associates.  Thank you!


District Reports:

1:  Brad Brubaker: Not present

2: Bob Emmons: Mentioned that several Tax Levy Renewals in Northeast Ohio counties failed but that reports have suggested that these anticipated shortfalls will be partially offset by future casino tax revenue.

3:  June Johnson: Nothing to report

4:  Mike Cullums: Not present


Legislative Committee: Ken Borror

Expressed concern of 911 funds being raided and used for purposes other than 911.  He mentioned that NENA worked long and hard to get the funding in place and renewed and he doesn’t want to lose it.


State 9-1-1 Coordinator Shawn Smith did not attend.


Ohio 9-1-1 Council, Lynne Feller, Chair

Lynne summarized the last 9-1-1 council meeting and Wireless Advisory board where seven (7) working groups were established.  (‘We threw it all on the wall’).  Lynne is looking for subject matter experts for each of the groups.  If you are interested in helping for any of the groups please contact Lynne.  The groups are as follows:


1.     Education and Outreach

2.     Standards and Best Practices, Operations

3.     Standards and Best Practices, Technical

4.     Next Generation 911 Working Group

5.     Funding Group

6.     State Plan Group

7.     GIS


TERT Committee: Carolyn Fergus

If there is any interest please visit the web site.  http://www.njti-tert.org/


Chapter Newsletter – Greg Wenz

Please get anything you’d like included to Greg Wenz by January 15.


Gold Star Awards: Greg Wenz

Gold Star banquet set for April 21, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza, on the east side of Columbus.  Send recommendations for Keynote speaker to Greg Wenz.  Nominations can be made online at both NENA and APCO web sites.


Conference Committee: Rose Chambers

Conference was discussed and more information will be available at the next meeting in February.  Quotes were submitted by Holiday Inn and Doubletree.  More information will be available at the February meeting.


Constitution and By-laws Committee: Rose Chambers

Rose asked for volunteers to update the NENA by-laws which were written in 1993 and amended in 2006.


Chapter meeting dates for 2010 are as follows.  All meetings will be held at the Worthington Holiday Inn:


February 10

May 12

September 15

November 11


Motion to adjourn made by Ron Bien, Hamilton County and 2nd by Greg Wenz, Hamilton County Communications.  All in favor.


Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Brian Fluegeman, Ohio NENA Secretary