Ohio NENA Chapter Meeting

November 3, 2004

Signature Inn, Columbus


President Carol Armitage followed by the pledge of allegiance called the meeting to order.


Carol introduced guest speaker Jim Mitchell with Secure Logix. Jim gave a very good presentation on APBX Security@. Mr. Mitchell discussed how to protect the PBX systems.


NEW OFFICERS: Carol advised that there was only one nominee from District 2 and one nominee from District 4. With only one nominee from both districts, both persons will become the representatives for their districts. District 2 representative is Bob Emans and District 4 representative is Bo Keck. Mel Meloy swore in both of the district representatives.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: (August 2004 meeting) Carol inquired if everyone has received copies of the minutes due to a mix up in some E-mail addresses. Carol also advised that the minutes are available on the Ohio NENA web site. MOTION to approve minutes: Bo Keck; 2nd Wanda Steiner; MOTION PASSED


APPROVAL OF TREASURE REPORT: Val was unable to be at the meeting today but did send a report. Report given by Carol: Checking: $742.02; Savings: $2964.92; Total balance: $3706.92. MOTION to approve: Ron Bien; 2nd: Wanda Steiner; MOTION PASSED


NATIONAL NENA UPDATE: Nobody was present from the national office. Carol read information that was supplied by Dr. Bob: Upcoming events schedule was reviewed; The membership audit has been completed and ballots were sent to members; Ballots will be counted on November 4th.




District 1: Kim Brandt introduced LeAnn Johnson from Henry County. LeAnn stated that Henry County will be hosting an EMD class the second week of February.


District 2: Valerie not in attendance. Wanda Steiner introduced Sharon McMurrary of the Summit County Sheriff=s Office Dispatch and District Chief Joe Curry of the Akron Safety Communications Center. Wanda announced a Medical Priority Dispatch class on November 15th in Akron; also crisis intervention team paid with grant and is available to dispatchers and police officers- contact Wanda for further details.


District 3: Ron Bien: No report and Ron stated that AI authorize that message.@


District 4: Bo Keck: Bo gave details of the October 8th meeting in Hocking County. Bo stated that it was a very good meeting for everyone in attendance. A very good exchange of information was held. Most persons in attendance were either APCO or NENA members; Bo advised he thinks that Noble County went live with 9-1-1 in the last couple weeks, Washington County is very close to going live, Meigs County and Monroe County have no activity.




LEGISLATIVE: HB 361 is set to go to vote on November 9th. Ken gave a very good report on the status of the legislation as is pending now; Everyone is encouraged to contact their legislators for support of the bill. The NENA legislative committee has worked very hard to this point and will continue to follow the bill very closely.


Ron Bien distributed copies of  AWireless E 9-1-1 For Government Officials@. A very good book to review.


GOLD STAR COMMITTEE: Lynne Feller: Lynne advised the Gold Star committee is still looking for a keynote speaker for the event. The committee is also looking for nominees. The committee will meet following today=s meeting. Lynne gave an explanation of the Gold Star Awards program for the new members in attendance.


STATE CONFERENCE: Mel Meloy: State conference will held in April 2005; Kevin Willett will present a program on Sunday of the conference; Mel stated that there will be a few surprises at the 2005 conference. Conference registration is $100.00 for early registration and $125.00 for late registration. The fees include the Sunday ASuper Session@. Mel gave a very good rundown of the class schedule.


SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Wanda Steiner: Wanda advised that she needs help with the Scholarship Committee, please contact Wanda to volunteer; Trying to get the Telco=s to kick in some funding to help with expenses for the winner. 


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: The ENP Exam will be given after the meeting today. Five people will be taking the exam.




_    Pat Anderson (SBC): Discussed a National NENA registry- the registry is not

_    Available to everyone unless registered. Pat discussed reasons for re-visiting this issue with National NENA. Pat relayed information regarding cellular 9-1-1 calls that are routed to communications centers hours away from the actual location.

_    Knox County will be hosting an Medical Priorities EMD course December 6,7,8

_    Mifflin Township FD has offered the use of their township hall for future Ohio NENA meetings. This would save the chapter several hundred dollars per year. The NENA Board will check out the facility with the hopes of moving the meetings after the first of the year

_    Carol Armitage stated that lunch sponsors are needed for the 2005 meetings.

_    Jay Sommerville reported on the free training session to be held at the November 28th APCO meeting.

_    It was reported that Paul Emche is no longer with SBC. Sales questions or other issues should be directed to Phil Ross at 248-423-5240 or Chuck Kemerer at 614-262-9571.


Being no further business the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held February 2nd, 2005 at the10:00AM at the Signature Inn, Columbus.


Respectfully submitted,


Monte Diegel


Ohio NENA Chapter