Ohio NENA Minutes

November  12, 2008


The Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance by Presidents Kim Brandt and Matt Franke.

Before the business portion began, Legislative Committee Member Bill Hinkle gave and update on HB550.  Legislators are attempting to get it out of Committee and on the floor  for a vote.

Be Alert gave a demonstration on their product that calls 9-1-1 from a land line phone line when a button is pressed (by elderly or impaired persons).

Minutes of the September meeting…Mike Dolhancryk made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes as they were posted on the web site…2nd by Bo Keck…motion carried.

Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer Valerie DeRose, Summit County advised that checking account is $1420.66 and savings account $6917.20…Bo Keck made a motion to accept, 2nd by Ron Bien…motion carried.

National Update: No report

District Reports:

District 1-Kim Brandt for Brad Brubaker--Van Wert County honored a 5 yr old for calling 9-1-1.

District 2-Bob Emmons--Columbiana County started their Phase II on September 11

District 3-Ron Bien--No Report

District 4-Bo Keck advised that Mike Collins of Washington County is the new District 4 representative

State 9-1-1 Coordinator Shawn smith advised that 9 counties are Phase I, 53 counties are Phase II and 84 counties have their plans approved.  9-1-1 Council Meeting is December 11, 2008.

Training Committee—Mike Banks for Anne Barr NCMEC Trainings are almost complete, however they will be held as Pre Conference Classes (both Manager and Trainer classes) on March 22, 2009.

TERT—Carolyn Fergus...No report

Conference—Rose Chambers—March 22-25, 2009 at the Holiday Inn Worthington Columbus (where the meetings are held) Vendor information is on the APCO and NENA Web sites…PLEASE Contact your vendors and have them sign up…their participation is crucial to making the Conference a success.   Class information will be out soon as well as registration information. Keep checking the websites for the updated information.

Valerie DeRose, Summit County made a motion for NENA to donate $1400.00 to the Conference for the Entertainment…2nd by Bo Keck…motion carried.

Due to an interpretation of the by-laws, it was determined by the Executive Board to make it fair that we would take a vote for District 2 Trustee via email all votes will be forwarded to Past President Monte Diegel by November 30, 2008.  The nominees are : 


Robert Emmons, 9-1-1 Manager, Exact 9-1-1, Columbiana County


Brian Jasko, Dispatcher/Trainer, Newburgh Hts PD, Newburgh Heights



Motion to adjourn by Mike Dolhancryk, 2nd by Holly Wayt…all in favor


Minutes respectively submitted by



Rose Chambers Vice President


Anne Barr Secretary