Ohio NENA Meeting

August 4, 2004 

Carol opened the meeting with the Pledge Of Allegiance.

Introduced today’s speakers.

Michael Warren – Emergitech – Spoke on the ENP Program – The benefits and what it means to be an ENP. For more information, you can download the study guide from the NENA web site.

Carol talked about the board requiring all voting board members to be ENP certified.  Carol asked the membership for input. Bill Hinkle asked the board to consider doing a scholarship for those that are unable to pay for the ENP exam.

Ken Borror made motion for the Chapter to pay for all voting members to take the ENP exam if their agency is unable to.

Holly Wayt  2nd

Motion passed

Roger Hixson – NENA – Spoke on VoIP. Where it started, the benefits, where it is in 9-1-1. It was quite lengthy.

Roger also discussed the NENA and VON Coalition agreement. The complete document can be viewed on the NENA web site. 

Approval of minutes – Ken had a correction to the minutes. On last page, should read just PUC, not PUCO.

Ron made motion to approve amended minutes.

Wanda 2nd.

Motion passed. 

Treasurers report – Savings – 2963.06

        Checking – 776.91

      Total – 3739.97

      Additional monies intake – 72.00 for raffle.

      Paid out 15.00 or web site and 71.50 for hotel.

Ron made motion

Holly 2nd

Motion passed. 

National Update.

  National conference was well attended. Only glitch was election.

  Executive director has resigned. Search is on

  All presidents are doing a membership audit of their chapter

  SWAT – no report

  There will be a CIF in the fall.

  Ken was presented with the Lifetime Award from National NENA at the conference.


District 1 – Kim Brandt not present.

  Carol gave report. Monte and Kim are spending money on CAD and mapping 

District 2. Val reports on a new Stark Co Coordinator. Was not present to introduce 

District 3. Ron reported on 9-1-1-appreciation day. See Ron for info. 

District 4. Bo reported that Guernsey Co had major 911 outage yesterday. Washington Co should be up shortly.

Muskingum Co is doing a mapping project with DDTI.

Monroe Co just signed a contract with SBC for 911 services. 

Committee reports.

  Legislative – Bill Talked about the meeting yesterday with the Senate on the wireless bill. Bill discussed about Sprint and their last minute change they are wanting. The bill was passed regardless in the House. The Senate wanted several changes and a push was on to have it passed before recess. The bill was passed out of committee in the Senate but did not make it to the floor before recess. Ken then reported on the changes. The changes being made are .32 to the PSAP. Nothing goes to the Telco. All money collected goes to the PSAP. The Telco is to access their own charges. Also the Sunset provision was put in it. That means that after 2008, the funding could possibly go away. It should go to a vote in September. Asked for a final plan addendum. Did get staffing back in the bill. It reads that the PSAP must buy the equipment and be operational for 1 year before any staffing can be added. Also a state 911 coordinator is in the bill. Any major changes to this bill could stall this bill. There is 7 Senators opposed to this bill. Bo has talked with one of them and has changed her mind. To view the final version of this bill as it is now, view it on the web site.

Carol thanked Bill, Ken and Roger for their work. 

Greg discussed the Gold Star. 1st mailer is out. Will be held on Wednesday April 13, 2005 at the close of the state conference.  

Bill asked that we acknowledge Rep Flowers and Sen    for their work and support on this bill at the state conference. Mel will handle. 

Mel reported on the state conference. Will be held April 10 – 13 2005 at the Holiday Inn in Worthington.  

Wanda reported on scholarship. Still looking for some vendor support. 

Bill asked to speak about National NENA. Bill is concerned about the National. The financial situation, the mess up of the election and resignation of the executive director. Bill spoke about the qualities it takes to be a national president.  

No other unfinished business. 

Vice Reynolds introduced the new supervisor of OSP. Lt Rob Jackson was not present. Lydia Wagner is her name.  

New Business. Nominations will be taken for District 2 and 4. The nominations will be extended to September 15, 2004. Nominations were opened. Bo Keck was nominated for District 4. 

Carol read a thank you letter from Ken Borror. 

Next meeting is November 3, 2004. 

Wanda motioned to adjourn. Holly 2nd

Carol thanked Sprint for lunch.