Ohio NENA Chapter Meeting

May 4, 2005


President Carol Armitage called the meeting to order at 10:11 AM followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


President Carol asked if anyone needed a copy of the minutes of the February 4th meeting, if anyone had any questions or changes to the minutes, and if someone would make a motion to approve the minutes as submitted. Motion to adopt the minutes as submitted was made by Wanda Steiner, seconded by Kim Brandt, and motion was approved by majority vote.


Valerie DeRose passed out a copy of the May 2005 Treasurer’s Report to the members present. She reviewed the amounts in each account. President Carol asked if anyone had questions regarding this report, and upon hearing none, asked if someone would make a motion to acknowledge the receipt of the Treasurer’s Report and to have it added to the minutes of this meeting. Brad Brubaker so moved, seconded by Lynne Feller, and motion was approved by majority vote.


PROGRAM: Time Warner who sent representatives to explain how their VoIP telephone service works with 911 presents Today’s program. Selena MacArthur, whose 911 background came from working for Telident and J. Robert Kimball and Assoc., is now the 911 expert for Time Warner. Carl Naes presented the technical side of how Time Warner’s VoIP service works with E911.


Time Warner has Ohio divisions in Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, and Columbus. The divisions Managers were also present to answer questions after the meeting. Time Warner offers what is considered Type I-1 VoIP service, which is a static customer and facilities based service. Type I-2 VoIP service is a nomadic customer connected to the Internet and this type of service is offered by companies like Vonage. Type I-3 VoIP service is a combination of I-2 service and cellular service.


Because Time Warner offers only I-1 VoIP service facilities based service in OH, their customers receive fully Enhanced 911 service. This includes 911 Selective Routing, 911 ALI Location Information data base records, and they collect and disburse 911 fees.


Time Warner has partnered with MCI as their CLEC service provider in OH. Their service connects to the MCI class 5 switch in Columbus, which has direct 911 trunks to all the 911 selective routers in OH where they offer VoIP service. Currently, all ALI records appearing at a PSAP will display MCI as the service provider; however, Time Warner hopes to have that changed within one year.


Time Warner offers VoIP service to only about 20% of the 190 rate centers (exchanges) around the state. Their concentration is on urban areas today and will expand to more rural areas in the future.



Selena provide the Time Warner’s 24-hour access number. Use this number for Call Trace, ALI data base errors, and misrouted call inquiries.


TIME WARNER’S 24 x 7 ACCESS NUMBER: 800 844-1001


Selena MacArthur is to be the Time Warner single-point-of-contact regarding 911 issues. Here is her contact information:



OFFICE NUMBER: 703 480-6511

CELL NUMBER: 703 554-2204

EMAIL: smacarthur@va.rr.com


NATIONAL UPDATE: Anna Marie Batt is back working for National NENA as Special Projects Coordinator. She discussed the following topics of national interest:


INVITED GUEST: Jason Barber is a candidate for National NENA Second Vice President. He gave a brief introduction and description of his qualifications for office. He is the 911 Director for Johnston County, NC (located in Smithfield, NC – just East of Raleigh), which is the fastest growing county in NC and the 17th fastest growing in the country. He’s been involved with 911 since starting as a telecommunications officer during the summer of 1987 while attending college. He’s a proponent of wireless location technology since they have two major US interstates (US 95 and US 40) intersecting in their County. He is Past President of the NC chapter of NENA and is one of the 50 ENP’s in his state. He seeks our vote for Second Vice President, but also encouraged us to all make sure we vote, whether or not we attend the conference.


DISTRICT REPORTS: Nothing new to report in any District at this time.


CONFERENCE REPORT: Lynne Feller reported that this year’s conference was a success. There were 155 registered attendees and several more day visitor during the conference. The final accounting totals are still pending. Lynne announced that she signed an agreement to conduct the next conference at the Holiday Inn in Worthington, OH on 3/25/07 – 3/28/07.


GOLD STAR AWARDS: The Gold Star Awards luncheon was another big success. Over 220 people were in attendance. Most of the recipients were able to attend the awards ceremony. Nominations for next years Gold Star Awards will be sent out sometime soon, but are also posted on the OH NENA website. Next years Awards luncheon will be held at the Marriot, Busch Blvd in the year-round white tent banquet facility on April 11, 2006.


NEW BUSINESS: Rick Hager introduced SBC’s new 911 Account Manager, Andy Kopystynsky, and his new position became effective May 2, 2005.


Larry Hatton of Knox County announced that they would be holding an EMD certification course July 11-13, 2005. Anyone wanting to attend should contact Larry (kema@ecr.net) at Knox County for further information.


Shawn Smith, the Interim Ohio 911 Coordinator, was introduced and gave a brief description of his new responsibilities. He passed out information on HB361 and summarized the highlights of the bill, which became effective May 1, 2005. He also introduced Jason Wells, a Supervisor of Telecommunications Services at the PUCO. Anyone wishing to contact Shawn may email him at shawn.smith@puc.state.oh.us or call 614 644-8950.


President Carol announced that Ken Borror has agreed to be the Ohio Chapter of NENA’s recommendation to Governor Taft for appointment to the new Wireless 911 Advisory Board. Good luck to Ken in receiving and serving in this critical appointment.


President Carol announced the nominations for District 1 and District 3 representatives and Chapter Secretary’s positions would be accepted by her (def911@defiance-county.com) before our next meeting in August. Nomination forms will be on the website. Any member of the Ohio Chapter of NENA, in good standings, may nominate a candidate to any of these offices; however, only District 1 and District 3 members may vote for their respective candidates. Please return nominations to Valerie DeRose @ vderose@summitoh.net.


FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORGANIZATION: Lynne Feller announced that APCO is offering a Wireless Phase II Deployment Seminar in connection with their Project Locate on June 8th at the Holiday Inn in Worthington from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. There is no cost for attending; however, you must pre-register on the APCO website (www.ohioapco.org “Training Opportunities” tab) to insure a place at this seminar. Numbers are limited, so please register early.


NEXT MEETING: August 3, 2005

(And the last meeting of the year will be on November 2, 2005)


ADJOURNMENT: Wanda Steiner moved for adjournment, Kim Brandt seconded, and motion was approved by a majority vote.




[These minutes are respectfully submitted by Bob Emmons (remmons@exact911.com) in Monte Diegel’s absence]