Ohio NENA/APCO Chapter Meeting, Worthington Holiday Inn

November 2, 2011


EmergiTech, Inc. – Michael Warren – Lunch Sponsor - Thank you!

Sound Communications – Dave McCall

MCM Consulting Group, Inc. – Michael McGrady


Michael Warren, Director of Sales of EmergiTech provided an industry update on public safety software and 911 systems.  The presentation focused on data sharing through multiple locations, remote software use, fault tolerant systems and hosted solutions.


Contact Michael at mwarren@emergitech.com or 513-550-6712 for more information.


NENA President Rose Chambers & APCO President Mike Banks opened the

Meeting followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.    Everyone in the room introduced themselves.


NENA President Rose Chambers thanked everyone for attending and thanked the sponsors.


The meeting minutes from the September meeting are posted on the Ohio NENA web site.  Motion to accept as posted by Monte Diegel, Mercer County seconded by Brandon Redmond, Darke County.


Treasurer Report - Valerie DeRose, NENA Treasurer, Summit County 911.  Hard copies of the report were also available to all.

(Checking balance $3,241.91, Savings $1,704.47, Total available balance $4,946.38). Motion to approve – June Johnson, Second Monte Diegel

Motion Carried All in Favor


National Office Update:  Update by Bob Cobb, NENA Development Director– NENA has moved from Arlington, VA to Alexandria, VA.  The Call, the magazine formerly known as ENP Magazine is now published in house and will also published electronically.  There is a new monthly newsletter to opt into once you receive the first email.  The NENA web site has been retooled and is now easier to use.  Please visit www.nena.org


There are now Group Memberships available as well as individual memberships.


ENP program – Two week testing window completed in October.  80 people took the test.  There are now over 1,000 ENP professionals who have received their certification.  Next exams are late January and April of 2012.


Upcoming Conferences


NENA Development Conference – Orlando – Royal Caribe Feb 2-8

911 Goes to Washington in March 2012

Annual Conference – June 9-14, Long Beach, CA

NENA has a new assessment team that will assist states in reviewing the 911 system throughout the state.  A Pilot program will begin soon.


Deferred payment program is available for the national conference in Long Beach.  Please go to the web site for more information.


NENA will post RFI’s and RFP’s on the web site for use by other PSAPs or 911 authorities.


All information is available on web site.


Legislative Committee – Jay Somerville, City of Dublin


OH County Commissioner meeting to be held on November 3 in Columbus.  The future of 911 will be discussed.  Look for an update at the next NENA / APCO meeting concerning funding.  House and Senate are out until after the elections.  Nothing is on the legislative agenda at this point concerning 911.


Ohio 9-1-1 Council - Lynn Feller, Wayne County, Working on report to GA due 11/30.  Survey results sent out in 2010, data from 30 counties missing initially and still looking for information from several counties.  Report will be to mention frustration at lack of authority to require information from counties and PSAPs on how and how much money they have spent on 911.  There is no accurate way to make a statement to say how many wireless vs. wire line calls have been made.  Council meetings are on APCO web site Lynn and Jay Somerville asked for the membership to attend these meetings if at all possible to present a larger, united front to council.


Commercial Advisory Committee – Chris Zigo, Motorola

Lunch provided by EmergiTech, Inc. – Michael Warren, Director of Sales and Mark Collins, President attended.

Participating, vendors included EmergiTech, Sound Communications, Dave McCall and MCM Consulting Group, Inc., Mike McGrady, President


NENA District Reports:

1:  Brad Brubaker:                  Deferred to Kim Brandt October 24 an award was given to an 11 year boy who saved his 8 year old brother from drowning and assisted in the 911 call.  Mentioned that Anne Barr has raffle tickets for a Mossberg 500 shotgun, $5 per entry to be awarded on 11/20/11

2:  Janet Boland:                     Nothing to report

3:  June Johnson:                     Nothing to report

4:  Delores McNamaras:          Nothing to report, not in attendance, retiring


700mz/800mz/AFC Update – Chris Zigo


By Laws Committee:  Anne Barr – Work in progress, when modifications are done Anne will post. 


TERT Committee: Ken Stewart new chair


Gold Star Awards: Alan Fish

April 11, 2012

Nominations can be made online at either of the web sites until January 20, 2012

www.ohioapco.org  or www.ohionena.org


Conference Advisory Committee: Rose Chambers

Will attend BSSA Conference at Kalahari in Sandusky to review possibility about having next conference there.




Nomination Committee – Rose Chambers


Kim Brandt, will chair Valere DeRose and Monte Diegel will assist – Rose and Anne Barr are willing to stay in their current roles


Brandon Redmond first, Jay second for Rose to stay as President and Anne to stay.  Brandon withdrew his motion due to bylaws of Ohio NENA.


Monte Diegel mentioned that Anne should become president and then the nomination committee would have to nominate for vice president, secretary and districts 4 and 2 trustees.


Rose asked for floor nominations for Vice President

June Johnson nominated Brandon Redmond, seconded by Alan Fish.

Motion to close nominations Valerie DeRose, second June Johnson.

Brandon Redmond accepted nomination.


Rose asked for nominations for Secretary of NENA to replace Brian Fluegeman who cannot continue due to time constraints.


Brandon Redmond nominated Lin Malott, DDTi, second by Brad Brubaker.  Motion to close by Brandon, first June, second Kim


District 2 Trustee – Janet Boland accepted nomination by Valerie DeRose, seconded by Ken Stewart, motion to close by Allen Fish, seconded Brandon,


District 4 Trustee – Jay Somerville nominates Michael Warren, Michael accepted, Holly Wayt seconded, motion to close Brandon Redmond, second Anne Barr


Good of the Order:


Chapter meeting dates for 2012 are as follows.  All meetings will be held at the

Worthington Holiday Inn and on web site

February 22

May 9

September 12

November 7


Motion to adjourn made by Kim Brandt, second by Anne Barr


Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Brian Fluegeman, Ohio NENA Secretary