Ohio NENA Minutes

September 10, 2008



President’s Brandt & Franke opened the meeting by thanking OSSI/Sunguard for sponsoring lunch. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mike Banks.   


A Motion was requested to dispense with the reading of the minutes from May and accept them as posted on the web site.  Valerie DeRose, Summit County made the motion, 2nd by Brad Brubaker, Putnam County.  Motion carried.


Treasurer Valerie DeRose, Summit County gave the treasurer’s report.  The report was also available on a handout in the back.  (Checking balance $1672.42, Savings $6261.19, Total available balance $7933.61). Rose Chambers, Wood County, made a motion to approve, 2nd by Pat Goldschmidt, Shelby County, motion carried.


National Office Update : no one in attendance from National


District Reports:

1: Brad Brubaker : Reported that Sandusky County Sheriff Gangwer passed   


2: Bob Emmons: Columbiana County will be cutting over to E911 on

   Thursday September 11

3: Ron Bien: No report

4: Bo Keck: Washington County is Phase 2 Wireless; Monroe County is still

   waiting on wireline 9-1-1 but is Phase 2 compliant with 3 carriers.  Meigs

   County is still pending.


State 9-1-1 Coordinator Shawn Smith:

There are two (2) additional counties  (Greene & Highland) that have been approved for funding, making a total of 79 counties currently approved leaving 9 that still need to apply by the end of 2008.  10 counties are Phase 1 and 51 counties are Phase 2.  They are continuing to hold hearings Intrado and the ILECS.  There has been a filing by Intrado to wave the ruling set by the commission stating that there can only be one CESTC per county. 


Legislative Committee: Ken Borror gave an update on HB550.  There is no current movement as the legislature is on break until November. 


Training Committee: Anne Barr

Six free NCMEC classes are being offered around the state beginning in October.  The website is currently open for registrations.  Hostage Negotiations for Dispatchers will be held November 13, 2008 at the Columbus Police Academy.   There is enough class space for 200 people. 



TERT Committee: Carolyn Fergus

No Report


Gold Star Awards: Greg Wenz

Gold Star banquet will be March 25,2009 during the State Conference.  Still looking for a keynote speaker.


Conference Committee: Rose Chambers

Date for the 2009 Conference is March 22-March 25, 2009.  Theme will be
“Cruising Into the Future”.  Holiday Inn Worthington will be the location of the 2009 Conference. 


Nominations are open for 2nd and 4th district Representatives.  They will close on November 9 and elections will take place on November 12 at the regular meeting. 


Good of the Order: Monte Diegel reminded those who signed up for shirts from DDTI to pick them up before they left the meeting. Shirts will not be mailed.  


Next Meeting Date is Wednesday November 12, 2008 



Motion to adjourn made by Rose Chambers, Wood County, 2nd by Anne Barr, Union County.  Meeting adjourned.