Ohio NENA Chapter Meeting

February 2, 2005


The Feb. 2, 2005 Ohio NENA Chapter meeting was called to order by President Carol Armitage. The pledge of Allegiance was recited by the membership.

NATIONAL NENA UPDATE: Report given by Roger Hixson- A copy of the report was passed out with the dates of upcoming events. A copy will also be posted on the Ohio NENA web site. Roger also advised the National NENA web site has lots of information posted regarding VoIP.

PROGRAM: A program was presented by representatives of the National Weather Service. Steve Eddy of the North Webster National Weather Service Office presented a very good program. Mary Jo Parker and Greg Tipton of the Wilmington National Weather Service Office were also in attendance.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: A short discussion was held regarding he distribution of meeting minutes. Secretary Monte Diegel has requested the members print meeting minutes from the web site. Lots of people are having problems opening the attachments when minutes are sent via E-mail. Lots of E-mails addresses are also being returned as not in service. There was no additions or corrections to the November 2004 minutes. MOTION TO APPROVE: Bo Keck 2nd: Greg Wenz. MOTION PASSED

APPROVAL OF TREASURER REPORT: Presented by Valerie De Rose: CHECKING Account- Balance- $429.90 with debits of: Signature Inn-$282.00;Account service charge (3 months) $30.13; Credits (Deposits): Transfer from savings-$1,000; 50/50 from November 2004 meeting- $72.00; SAVINGS account: Balance:$2,966.74; Interest to date for 2004 :$8.09. TOTAL available balance: $3,396.64. MOTION to approve report: Wanda Steiner; 2nd: Kim Brandt; MOTION PASSED


District 1: Kim Brandt: Kim reported that Mercer County is hosting a free dispatcher in service day on March 29, 2005. This is the third year for the in service day and it has been very well attended.

District 2: Bob Emmons: Bob reported that two counties still do not have 9-1-1. Those counties are Columbiana and Carroll. Columbiana has started the implementation process. Not much info regarding Carroll County. The City of Akron now has a 3-1-1 center in operation. Skip Dalton of Verizon advised that Carroll County does have live

9-1-1 as of late last year.

District 3: Ron Bien: Ron passed out information regarding locating phone numbers and address information. The information will allow agencies to find out who owns the telephone number (i.e. page company, cell company ,etc.). There is also a web site available for PSAPís to register to locate phone number information.

District 4: Bo Keck: Washington County is still not live 9-1-1. Meigs County and Monroe County still have no 9-1-1. Monroe County will be getting funding this week.


LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE: Ken Borror: Ken reported that Gov. Taft signed the cellular legislation on Tuesday of this week. (Applauded by membership!) Ken stated there is still some work that needs to be done on the bill. Ken advised that they are working with PUCO to simplify the updating of county 9-1-1 final plans.

BILL HINKLE: Bill gave information regarding some of the disappointments in the cellular legislation bill. There are several issues that need to be addressed. Bill stated that the first thing on the agenda that needs to be approached is the language for the updating of 9-1-1 plans. There is plenty of concern that the current language could present many political problems for all of us. There are a couple of different options on the table. Rep. Flowers is willing to present amendments to the legislation. There was discussion regarding the staffing provision of the legislation. There is concern regarding the sunset clause of the legislation (3 years). APCO and NENA as stated in the legislation have the opportunity to make a recommendation for the members of the to the advisory council. There is no reason APCO and NENA organizations should not exercise their options to recommend the person(s) to fill the state 9-1-1 Coordinator position. The state 9-1-1 coordinator will have enormous responsibilities to hold up. There is a LOT of work to do. Bill lauded Ken for his work on the legislation. Bill stated that APCO and NENA needs to stay on top of the legislation and be a part of the solution.

JOHN GIORGIADIS: PUCO has been working on job description for the Ohio 9-1-1 Coordinator and staff. They are also in the process of developing an Office of 9-1-1 for the State of Ohio that will be under the PUCO. They are looking into the accounting mechanisms for the distribution of funds as they are received from the wireless companies. John also stated he has had discussions with Ken and Bill regarding the county 9-1-1 plans updates. John advised that he does not think the PUCO can issue an order regarding the final plans. The PUCO chairman may appoint an interim 9-1-1 coordinator to work on some of the issues. Ohio was one of the first five states to start addressing the wireless deployment issue and is the 49th state to enact legislation.

The NENA Board presented Ken Borror with a small gift of appreciation for all his hard work with the committee.  (Another round of applause.)

GOLD STAR COMMITTEE: Greg Wenz- The selection committee met this morning to review the some 75 nominations. Gold Star Luncheon will be held on Wednesday April 13th at the conclusion of the Ohio NENA/APCO Conference. The Team Award and the Telecommunicator of the year awards both involve the inability to locate cell phone caller. The Team Award is for a cell phone call of man having a insulin reaction and took a big team effort to locate the caller. The winning team is from Hamilton County Communications. The Solid Gold Telecommunicator of the Year is Trisha Snider of the Cuyahoga Falls. Trisha received a cell phone call from 9-year-old child that had witnessed a double murder with one of the victims being the childís mother. Trisha was able to help get the child to safety and get help to the scene.

STATE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: Mel Meloy: Full conference registration is $100.00, which includes the pre-conference course on Sunday and the Gold Star Luncheon on Wednesday. Room rate at the Holiday Inn is $82.00. Kevin Willett will present a 4-hour session on Sunday afternoon. The 2005 Conference logo is "9-1-1 Where Are We?". Conference dates are April 10-13th, 2005. Mel is still seeking some corporate sponsorship for the conference as well as a few more vendors. The conference will have plenty of information regarding wireless issues.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Wanda Steiner: Wanda stated that she is the only person working on this committee and would like some help. Wanda stated she would still like to find some sponsorship of funds to help the winner with travel expenses if needed. Wanda asked if there are any vendors who would be willing to help with the fund. The scholarship was established to help persons whose agencies are not able to pay expenses to conference. Nomination information is available by contacting Wanda Steiner.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: None brought to the floor.

NEW BUSINESS: Next meeting is May 4th 2005. Carol Armitage advised that nominations will be accepted for 2006 officers. Nominations will be accepted for secretary, District 1 representative and District 3 representative. The new officers will be elected at the November meeting. All meeting dates are posted on the Ohio NENA web site.

Greg Wenz stated another mailing for the conference will go out in the next few days.

THANK YOU to DDTI for sponsoring lunch today.

MOTION to adjourn: Mel Meloy; 2nd: Kim Brandt