Ohio NENA Chapter Meeting

Feb. 4, 2004

 Ohio NENA chapter president Carol Armitage called the meeting to order at 10:04AM followed by the pledge of allegiance.

 President Carol Armitage advised those present of the problem with distributing minutes from the November meeting. There was problem getting the mailing labels from the national NENA office. There NENA board suggested that the minutes be posted on the website and members who want them mailed will need to respond to the secretary. MOTION was made by Wanda Steiner to notify membership of the change in distribution of the minutes; 2ND by Kim Brandt; MOTION PASSED.

 Minutes: There being no discussion or changes a MOTION was made by Bo Keck to accept the minutes of the November meeting; 2ND by Greg Wenz; MOTION PASSED.

Treasurer report:

Written copy of report submitted by Val DeRose; Checking balance of $283.12; Savings balance of $3,405.34;Interest accrued for 2003 is $8.29. MOTION to accept report by Wanda Steiner; 2ND by Mel Meloy; MOTION PASSED


 Bob Cobb: Roger Hixson is not available today; Bob reported on the Critical Issues Forum in Washington on Feb 23/24; TDC will be held in Orlando, FL on March 14th-17th; The 2004 NENA Conference will be held on June 13th-17th, info is on the website. SWAT project report is now available by contacting the national office; The DOT project is moving along and info is available on the NENA website; NENA has scheduled some 55-60 courses this year. A new format is being tried with offering six courses over two days. The courses will be offered in several locations across the country. Reduced course rates are available for those who take the new format; ENP certification test is scheduled for the national conference. There are no ENP test dates scheduled at this time for Ohio. If enough interest is shown a date for the test will be scheduled.; The move to the new NENA office is complete and the office is fully functional.

 Carol Armitage discussed details of a regional conference call in December and Wanda Steiner participated in call in January; Chapters are being encouraged to nominate for person for 2nd Vice President; Chapters are also encouraged to nominate members for the Stanton Award; Discussed progress of  national 9-1-1 bill sponsored by Senator Burns and Senator Clinton. States who misuse 9-1-1 funding will not be eligible for the grants.


 District 1: Kim Brandt: Mercer County will be hosting a dispatcher in service day in March. Last year over 100 dispatchers attended; Putnam County 9-1-1 has received a PSFA Grant; Defiance County has received $180,000 from the homeland security funds;  Van Wert County received $36,000.

DISTRICT 2: No report.

DISTRICT 3: Ron Bien: No report from the district. Ron advised members he will meeting with Ken Borrer to put together information to assist counties with updating their final 9-1-1 plans. Most counties will be required to update their plans to meet requirements of the wireless legislation. The information will be distributed to all members when it is ready.

 DISTRICT 4: Bo Keck: Reported on counties without 9-1-1. Counties are still same as before. Washington County hoping for 2004;Noble County hoping for 2004; Monroe County no action; Meigs County no action; Bo also reported that ten counties in district have received over $200,000 of homeland security money to put together a multi county trench rescue team.


 Legislative report:  Ken Borrer: HB 361 was introduced in late December. Testimony has been given and more will come. Meeting will be held yet this week. Some problems with the state coordinator language part of the bill. There is also suggestion to remove the portion of the bill regarding use of funds for “staffing”. Ken said that there needs to be education on the legislation and gave examples of statements made. More testimony will follow in weeks to come with Roger Hixson, Jay Somerville and Ken all set to testify. Lynne Fellar stated there may be a request for resolutions of support form the Ohio chapters of NENA and APCO.


 Greg Wenz: Gold Star will be held on April 14th at the Worthington Holiday Inn; The 2004 Gold Star ceremony is a stand alone event. The 2005 Gold Star will be held in conjunction with the Ohio NENA/APCO state conference. The selection committee met earlier today to select winners. There were co-winners in the Team Award category, The events were very similar and both lasted days. The team award winners are from Mercer County and Defiance County. The Gold Star Winner is from Toledo PD for helping to lead police to the arrest of a homicide suspect. There were over fifty nominees this year. Greg discussed the costs for the Gold Star Banquet.  Greg advised that with money left from conference that funding will be a little short. Greg is asking that NENA commit $1,000.00 to help fund the Gold Star Banquet. Greg will also be asking Ohio APCO to for $1,000.00. MOTION by Mel Meloy to contribute $1,000.00 for the Gold Star program, 2ND by Ron Bien, MOTION PASSED.


Mel Meloy reported that there will be a meeting Feb 17th to discuss the conference. Mel asked for volunteers for the conference; the state conference will be held April 10th-13th, 2005.

 WIRELESS COMMITTEE: Chuck Brady advised no report today.


 Wanda Steiner updated membership on the scholarship. The scholarship committee is working with several telcos for contributions to help pay for travel expenses. Information should be available by next meeting. 


 The SBC tariff is still on hold; Lucas County asked question regarding pending legislation and voiced opinion that they don’t think $.32 is enough to pay for the wireless equipment; Mel Meloy asked question regarding SBC tariff regarding if charge will be per call or per dip; There was discussion on counties who are Phase II and how any costs they are paying to telcos. No agency in attendance is paying anything to the telcos or have signed contracts at this time.


 Dan Claypool of Ashtabula County related incident that occurred in his county that left the county without 911 service for over 24 hours. Dan said this was how they realized that they did not have diverse routing. Dan advised each person in attendance to check with their respective carriers to see how the infrastructure works.


 Bob Cobb offered a big THANK YOU to Anna Marie Batt for numerous years of service and dedication to National NENA.  Bob stated that Anna has been “a rock” with NENA. Anna was thanked with round of applause from the chapter members in attendance.

 Mel Meloy complimented Mike Kusche on the work he is doing on the Ohio NENA website. The information on the website is up to date. Mike was given a round of applause for his work.

 Bob Cobb responded to a question regarding where to find information on Ohio PSAP’s.  The NENA DOT project was discussed. Discussion was held on the “National PSAP Registry.”

 Jay Sommerville stated the next Ohio APCO meeting will be held on February 19th at the state EOC. Lots of information will be available regarding wireless 9-1-1. Jay also stated that house bill 361 is available on the Ohio APCO website.

 They’re being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. Lunch today will be sponsored by DDTI. A program by DDTI will follow lunch.

 The next Ohio chapter NENA meeting will be May 5th, 2004 at the Signature Inn.

 MOTION to adjourn: Wanda Steiner 2ND: Mel Meloy. Meeting adjourned at 11:14AM.