Ohio NENA/APCO Chapter Meeting

May 14, 2008



President’s Brandt & Wayt opened the meeting.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Monte Diegel.  President Brandt thanked FutureCom for sponsoring lunch. 


A Motion was requested to dispense with the reading of the minutes from February and accept them as posted on the web site.  Pat Goldschmidt, Shelby County made the motion, 2nd by Brad Brubaker, Putnam County.  Motion carried.


Treasurer Valerie DeRose, Summit County gave the treasurer’s report.  The report was also available on a handout in the back.  (Checking balance $946.92, Savings $5958.96, Total available balance $6905.88). Rose Chambers, Wood County, made a motion to approve, 2nd by Mel Meloy, Fairfield County, motion carried.


National Office Update : None


District Reports:

1: Brad Brubaker : No report

2: Bob Emmons: Columbiana County and Harrison County should be  active

    E911 Counties by early fall.  7 counties in District 2 have been approved

    Wireless funding

3: Ron Bien: No report

4: Bo Keck: Monroe County should be Phase 1 by 6/10/08 and Phase 2 by

    September of 2008 and E911 by 3rd Qtr 2008.  Washington County is up

    and running with Phase 2.  Things are going slow in Meigs County.   


Legislative Committee: Bill Hinkle, Ken Borror

Bill Hinkle thanked everyone who attended the press conference in support of the “Health of the US 9-1-1 System” prior to the meeting.  House Bill 550 was discussed.  Bill stressed the importance of contacting legislators for support of the bill. 


Ken Borror discussed the highlights of the bill that include extending the Sunset provision to 2013, minimum disbursements to be raised from twenty five thousand to ninety thousand and wording to include public education.  If anyone wants a copy  of a draft letter in support of the bill can you can contact Ken at kbe911@aol.com.  More information can be found at www.legislature.state.oh.us.


Training Committee: Anne Barr

Recapped training held in Northwest Ohio in March, gave information on tomorrows training at Richfield OPOTA on Severe Weather Awareness and Dying in Blue. Jointly, training on Nutrition/Fitness and Emotional Intelligence will be held tomorrow in Xenia, hosted by June Johnson.  Hostage Negotiation Training is scheduled for November at the Columbus Police Academy. 


TERT Committee: Carolyn Fergus

No further updates on state level.  An Online training course will be offered soon at the National Level


Gold Star Awards: Greg Wenz

180 attendees on April 16.  Greg thanked all the sponsors and nominators.  Mailers for next years nominations have gone out.


Conference Committee: Rose Chambers

Date for the 2009 Conference is March 22-March 25, 2009.  Theme will be
“Cruising Into the Future”.  Hotel has not been confirmed. 


Next Meeting Date is Wednesday Sept 10, 2008  


Future Meeting Dates: November 12


Meeting adjourned.