Ohio NENA/APCO Chapter Meeting

May 11, 2011 @ 1300 hrs.

Holiday Inn – Columbus/Worthington


APCO President Matt Franke gave the opening remarks with NENA President Rose Chambers, with Pledge of Allegiance. Mr. Franke asked that all members introduce themselves starting with Ken Stewart from Erie/Huron county and continuing around the room.


Vendors participating were Sound Communications and TriTech, With Sound as a Lunch Sponsor.


Secretary Report: NENA Secretary Brian Flugeman, was unable to attend, but minutes are posted on the website. Brad Brubaker made a motion to approve the minutes. 2nd by Kim Brandt. Motion carried with no one opposed.


Treasurer’s Report: NENA Treasurer, Valerie  was unable to attend, due to a seminar she was attending. The report was presented by President Rose Chambers (see attached copy). Balance in Checking account $1,743.11; Savings $2,204.14; Total available balance: $3,947.25. Pat Goldschmidt made motion to approve the report as presented. 2nd by Bo Keck. Motion carried with no one opposed.


President Chambers explained about the NENA National this year in Minneapolis, in June. They are going to have a memorial ceremony recognizing NENA members that have passed away within the last 2 yrs. If, any one knows of an employee that has passed away send name, yrs. of service, picture, etc. to Rose. Mike Dolhancryk from Trumbull County is one that will be recognized.


District Reports:

1: Brad Brubaker – advised Communication Vehicles will be at Allen County on June

    29th, call Brad if you have any questions.

2: Janet Boland – could not attend

3: June Johnson – could not attend

4: Delores McNamara – new contact in District 4; nothing to report


Gold Star Awards: This will be Greg Wenz last mailing. Alan Fish will be taking over his position. Thanks and an applause was given for Greg’s hard work over the year’s. There were 215 people attending this year.

Training Committee: Looking for a chairperson


APCO/NENA Conference Update: There were approximately 150 people that attended the conference, this did not include the bosses’ passes.  Thanks to all who attended and the committee who made it possible.


Good of the Order:  Jay Somerville gave information on voting for NENA 2nd Vice President – Bernard Brown from Virginia. Jay stated “Buster” would be well suited for him to take NENA ahead in the future.


Monte Diegel won the 50/50 - $ 58.00


Motion to adjourn by Greg Wenz, 2nd by Mike Banks. All in favor.


Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting is September 14, 2011.


Respectfully submitted:

Delores L. McNamara

Trustee District #4