Ohio NENA/APCO Chapter Meeting

May 12, 2010


NENA President Rose Chambers & APCO First Vice President Mike Banks opened the meeting (APCO President Matt Franke was absent).  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Terry Hamilton, Ashland County Sheriff’s Office.  Everyone in the room introduced themselves.


NENA President Rose Chambers thanked everyone for attending.


June Johnson, Greene County Xenia Communications, made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes as they were posted on the NENA website.  2nd by Kim Brandt, Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office.  Motion carried, All in Favor.


Treasurer Report.  The report was also available to all in handout form.  (Checking balance $2524.33, Savings $4701.80, Total available balance $7226.13).  Motion to approve – Kim Brandt, Second by Bo Keck, Muskingum County 911.  Motion Carried All in Favor


National Office Update: None available.  The National NENA Conference will be held between June 6, 2010 and June 10, 2010.


Corporate Advisory – Chris Zigo, Motorola

Lunch Sponsored by CMI and Creative Microsystems


Chris thanked all vendors who attended the meeting.  All attending vendors stood up and were recognized.  Chris thanked the attending vendors, CMI, Xybyx, Interact, Higher Ground, Inforad Telerestore, Visionaire, Sound Communications.  He mentioned there will be a symposium at the upcoming Septermber meeting on NG911 by Advanced Wireless.  Thank you to all of our vendors for attending.


District Reports:

1:  Brad Brubaker:         Nothing to report

2:  Bob Emmons:           Nothing to report

3:  June Johnson: Nothing to report

4:  Mike Cullums: Nothing to report


By Laws Committee:  Anne Barr, June Johnson, Bob Emmons


Will be meeting via email to amend and update the By Laws and Rose asked that we have a draft by the September meeting.


Legislative Committee: Jay Somerville

Jay mentioned that the announcement that was sent out to NENA members a couple weeks prior to the meeting has generated some good interest.  Jay mentioned that the more participation the better.  He mentioned the Legislative Committee would focus its energy on the 911 work group on legislation.


Ohio 9-1-1 Council, Shawn Smith

Shawn summarized the working groups and the progress of assigning duties to those involved in the group.  He asked for those interested in the working groups to contact him to assist.  Lynne Feller was reappointed as Chair. If you are interested in helping for any of the groups please contact Shawn Smith or Lynne Feller.  The groups are as follows:


1.     Education and Outreach

2.     Standards and Best Practices, Operations

3.     Standards and Best Practices, Technical

4.     Next Generation 911 Working Group

5.     Funding Group

6.     State Plan Group

7.     Legislative


TERT Committee: Rose Chambers

If there is any interest please visit the web site.  http://www.njti-tert.org/

Still looking for a TERT Committee Chair, Monte Diegel says there are 12 states that are fully deployable with 20 more in the process.  He says Ohio needs assistance from the State level to get items in place.  Monte says there is great information sharing from involved states on conference calls but we need someone to assist and get our process moving forward.


Chapter Newsletter – Greg Wenz

Please get anything you’d like included to Greg Wenz by early August.




Gold Star Awards: Greg Wenz

First mailer was sent out about one month ago.  He has copies if anyone would like a copy.  Nominations can be made online at either of the web sites, www.ohioapco.org or www.ohionena.org  4/13/2011 is the date for the luncheon.


Conference Committee: Rose Chambers

Rose mentioned that a contract has been Signed with the DoubleTree hotel in Worthington, OH due to a larger area for vendor booths.  The rates for the Double Tree were comparable to the quote given by the Worthington Holiday Inn.  Rose mentioned that the quarterly Chapter Meetings will continue to be held at the Worthington Holiday Inn.  Please see the web sites for all information concerning the 2011 Conference.


Rose asked for the Conference Committee to gather after the Chapter Meeting to discuss a few items for the 2011 Conference.


Training Committee – Rose Chambers (Anne Barr was not in attendance) –

May 27 at Bowling Green State University – Free Training for Dispatchers

also a class on dispatcher stress and a class on the positive effects of dispatchers.  BGSU Police Union paid for the room for training as well as coffee and donuts.  Registration at 8 am, class starts at 9 am and ends by 4 pm.  Contact Anne Barr, email on OHIO NENA web site.


Chapter meeting dates for 2010 are as follows.  All meetings will be held at the Worthington Holiday Inn:

February 10

May 12

September 15

November 11


Motion to adjourn made by Kim Brandt, Van Wert Sheriff’s Office, and 2nd by Bob Emmons Ashtabula.  All in favor.


Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Brian Fluegeman, Ohio NENA Secretary