November 5, 2003

Chapter Meeting Minutes

Opening of meeting

President Meloy started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 1010. 


President Meloy introduced Pete Tesner, Grants Administrator for the Ohio EMA.  Mr. Tesner discussed the availability of Grant funding through various means.  He provided a 5-page handout called WMD Grants Management Overview.  If you would like to receive this handout, Mr. Tesner can be reached by e-mail at  .  He discussed several websites that can be utilized in finding grant money.

Approval of Minutes

President Meloy asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes.  He asked if everyone received his or her e-mail.  He was advised there was one correction reference Chris Bade being included in the Scholarship Committee, the correct name was Chris Burkhardt.  This correction was made and, President Meloy asked for a motion to approve by Paul Emch, 2nd by Ron.Bien, opportunity for discussion, vote taken, and motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Ms. De Rose provided a treasurer’s report, as she was not able to attend.  Checking balance:  $546.12.  This account was changed from an interest business checking to a regular business checking to lower the service charge.  The savings balance: $ 3,903.19.  For those wishing to have a copy of the treasurer’s report, e-mail and one will be provided.  President Meloy read this report, asked for a motion to approve, Ron Bien made a motion, 2nd by Roger Hixson, opportunity for discussion, vote taken, motion passed.

National Update

TDC/ODC will be held March 14-17, 2004, Roger Hixson stated this would be in Orlando, Florida. Rick Jones is now the Operations Issue Director.  Lots of activity on these committees and information can be obtained off the NENA National website. The technical standards website is and the operations standards website is  Mr. Hixson discussed the National Conference in Tampa, Florida June 13-17, 2004.  Any information about the conferences talked about can be viewed on the following website: 

The National Conference will be held in the following locations in the years to come:  2005 – Long Beach, CA  2006 – Pittsburgh, PA  2007 – Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Hixson discussed the SWAT efforts and states the cost estimate for Phase II is 8.5 billion for a total cost estimate. Mr. Hixson talked about Volunteers for National Committee’s, stating there are two new committees, one on technical and one on 9-1-1 Operation, this committee is looking for volunteers, if interested, contact Mr. Hixson. There was nothing new to report on the Training Standards.  The National Office moved to Arlington, VA in an effort to be closer to the action taking place in Washington D.C.  There have been some staff changes and work being out-sourced.  The website and e-mail have been affected but they hope to have it back up and running soon. Anna Marie Batt discussed that annual membership due increased to $95.00.  This is the first increase in 5 years. 

District Reports

District 1 – Jackie Clark – Not able to attend, no report.

District 2 – Valerie De Rose – Not able to attend, Wanda Steiner stated Carrolton County is the only county in our district that does not have 9-1-1 but they do have a plan.

District 3 – Ron Bien – No Report

District 4 – Bo Keck – There are 4 counties that do not have 9-1-1, Washington County may be up next year in the first quarter of 2004, Noble County is ready to go they are working on getting data ready, should be up the first quarter of 2004.  Monroe and Megs Counties are at a stand still at this time.

Committee Reports

Web Site – President Meloy stated the web site has been established and is operable.  Mike Kusche from Westerville PD did a very nice job setting this up.  If you have anything that you would like to submit to the website, send it to your district trustee.  The website address is .  The 2004 Chapter meetings will be posted as well as any newsworthy items. 

Hero’s Program – Greg Wenz was not able to attend, Ron Bien stated the second mailing is being sent out by November 7, 2003.  Please send in nominations, they will be accepted through February 15, 2004.  There is not e a state conference in 2004; it is only a luncheon, held at the Holiday Inn, Worthington, OH, April 14, 2004 at 12:00 p.m.  The next APCO/NENA State Conference will be held April 10 – 13, 2005 at the Holiday Inn in Worthington, OH.  Anyone that wants to help out with a committee, see Mel Meloy or Danielle Howe.  Thanks to Greg for all his hard work and everyone that works on this committee! 

Ohio Scholarship Committee- We are looking for more volunteers for this committee, a conference call will be scheduled in December with the current members.  This committee is looking at putting together a scholarship offered by the Ohio Chapter to send one recipient to the National Conference. 

Laptop Committee- Bo Keck located a used laptop at the cost of $200.  The executive board voted last night to purchase the unit and it will be given to the person holding the position of Secretary. 

Legislative Committee- Ken Borror states on October 24, 2003 the wireless committee and subcommittee met and worked out the last of the stumbling blocks.  The task force has the opinion that the state coordinator should be an entity in itself but Public Safety wants to put it under Homeland Security.  Lots of activity on this committee.  The bill has not been introduced as of this date, they are still working on a rewrite and are hopeful this will be introduced in the near future.  Thanks to everyone’s hard work on this committee.

Unfinished Business

SBC Tariff- This is still on hold

New Business

Roger Hixson reported that there was a flow chart on the implementation of Phase 1 & 2.  Committee is working on expanding the 9-1-1 Checklist.  Hopes to have it published in December/January.  He hopes to improve data base standards.

2004 Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held at the Signature Inn, Westerville, OH on the following dates at 10:00 a.m.

February 4, 2004 Lunch provided by DDTI

May 5, 2004  Lunch provided by SBC

August 4, 2004 Lunch provided by Sprint

November 3, 2004 Lunch provided by Emergitech

These can be found on the Ohio Chapter website also

Swearing in of New Chapter Officers

Bo Keck swore in the new Chapter Officers

District 1 – Kim Brandt (2nd person nominated declined, therefore no ballot sent out

District 3 – Ron Bien

Secretary – Monte Diegel

Vice President – Wanda Steiner

President – Carol Armitage 

President Armitage concluded the meeting with for the Good of the Organization.  President Armitage asked for a motion to adjourn, Ron Bien made the motion and Paul Emch second the motion.  Meeting adjourned. 

Lunch was provided by the Ohio NENA Chapter.