September 12, 2007


The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Kim Collingsworth of Grandview PD. The meeting was held at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center 900 W. Dublin Granville Rd.


Presidents Diegel & Wayt welcomed everyone to the meeting, thanked IPC for sponsoring lunch, and all vendors for participating in the vendor area before the meeting.


Bo Keck made a motion to accept the minutes of the May meeting with no corrections, 2nd by Mike Dolhancryk motion carried.


Bo Keck made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as per the hand out by Treasurer Valerie DeRose with the no corrections Brad Brubaker 2nd, motion carried.


National Update:  No representation from National Office


District Reports:


District 1     Brad Brubaker          Advised that during the Floods in Hancock & Putnam County they used the BSSA Interoperability vehicles and in Putnam County they used Marcs radios and everything worked well.


District 2     Robert Emmons        Sworn in by Past President Carol Armitage; 1 county installing enhance 9-1-1, 4 are phase I and 3 are phase II


District 3     Ron Bien                 Hamilton County has been chosen by Intrado for Next Generation equipment—test site.  It is up and running, however no next gen calls as of yet….


District 4     Bo Keck                  Washington County will be phase II this year, Franklin is testing; Monroe is getting wireless and will be getting Enhanced Wireless in 2008; Meigs County is working on their data base.




Committee Reports:


State 9-1-1 Coordinator—Shawn Smith:  Nov 5, 2007 @ 1PM there will be a Council Meeting at the PUCO. 73 counties have been approved for wireless funding; 19 counties are Phase I; 28 Counties are Phase II.  54% of the state now has some form of enhanced wireless 9-1-1.  In August we took in 2.6 million, and 19 million year to date.  A total of 49.8 million dollars has been collected since 2005.  Customer account letters were sent out to the wireless carriers.  They expect to get answers back by the end of the year.  In January they expect to have funding figures for next year, letters will be going out to the county auditors on how much you can expect to receive.  The FCC ruled in favor of regulatory language stating that the accuracy of caller location information provided by way of wireless 9-1-1 calls be measured at the PSAP level.  They were given 5 years to complete this, which will be done in stages. 


Legislative:—Ken Borror:  The Legislative Committee has a meeting with Senator Flowers on the 20th to discuss the removal of the sunset provision from HB361. The legislature has just come back to session, and it appears it will be difficult for passage.


Conference—Rose Chambers:  Venue for 2009 is still to be determined.  Anyone interested in helping with the 2009 Conference should contact Monte or Holly and your name will be forwarded to the Committee. 


Gold Star—Greg Wenz:  April 16, 2008 will be the stand alone luncheon at the Crowne Plaza.  Nomination Information can be found on the APCO web site.  There will be a category added for 2008 to include Natural Disasters.


Training Committee:  Mike Banks advised since the meeting in April the committee has completed two free in-service dispatch training sessions.  In June at Xenia-Greene County 30-40 attendees and in Marysville, Union County had 114.  On September 13 they will be in Zanesville, Muskingum County and have 73 registered.  At the Union County training, lunch was provided and cooked by Sheriff Nelson Chief Deputy Tom Morgan, President Monte Diegel & Kim Hambel…they set out a donation can and received $475.00 which will go to Gold Star.  The November Annual Training in Columbus is being confirmed it will be Thursday November 15, 2007 at the Columbus Police Academy with space for up to 250 attendees.  That will be the end for 2007 and are starting up in March 2008 with training in NW Ohio.


TERT: Carolyn Fergus advised that the Steering Committee is now in place and they will be reviewing what other states are doing.  LERP has agreed to allow TERT to use their data base.  They will be adding in a definition for TERT (Telecommunicator Emergency Response Team). 


Nominations:  Nominations were opened for Secretary, District 1 & District 3 Representatives:  Brad Brubaker nominated Anne Barr for Secretary, 2nd by Matt Franke; Anne Barr nominated Brad Brubaker for District 1, 2nd by Holly Wayt; Holly Wayt nominated Ron Bien for District 3, 2nd by Matt Franke….nominations for the meeting were closed..  Nominations for NENA Officers must be submitted to Valerie DeRose by October 12, 2007 @ 4PM


Good of the Order: Ron Bien had a request from Bill Hinkle who could not be in attendance, that APCO & NENA appoint a committee or Liaison to help coordinate the implementation of the new call taker guides for reporting missing and exploited children.  This person or group would work directly with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children outreach effort to encourage all Ohio PSAPs to adopt this as the best practice.  This procedure was approved by both National APCO & NENA.  Bill is also asking that APCO & NENA pass a resolution supporting the adoption of the call guides by the Ohio 9-1-1 Council.  A letter should be drafted and signed by both NENA & APCO to Shawn Smith at the 9-1-1 Council.  Michael Dolhancryk being a member of both organizations  made a motion that a resolution be drawn, 2nd by Greg Wenz, Ron Bien suggested that the trustee structure in NENA is more suited to being the vehicle to write the resolution, he made a motion as such, 2nd by Greg Wenz.  President Diegel returned to the first motion, which was voted on and carried, the 2nd motion was also carried. 


Ken Borror was nominated to the NENA Hall of Fame, Congratulations Ken.


Rose Chambers advised since the meetings are now joint and we have Corporate Sponsorship for the Luncheon and Hotel expenses both Boards have agreed that all 50/50 money that is raised will be used to sponsor Full Scholarships (Hotel & Classes only) for the Conference in 2009….Criteria is still being worked on.


Next meeting will be November 14, 2007. 10AM-Noon Committee meetings/vendor display; Noon-1PM sponsored Luncheon by OSSI/SunGard & Intergraph; 1PM-3PM joint Ohio NENA/APCO Business meeting.  All meetings will be held at the Clarion, 900 Dublin Granville Rd.


Lunch sponsored by IPC, Thank You.


50/50 won by Pat Goldschmidt of Shelby County


Mike Dolhancryk made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Kim Brandt, motion carried.


Minutes Respectively Submitted,

Roseanna L. Chambers

Roseanna L. Chambers, Secretary

Ohio NENA Chapter